057. Lunatic

Our long trip continues.

Though in truth it’s a difficult situation, I don’t feel inconvenienced thanks to my magic and skills.

It was nice living in a hotel but living spontaneously like this is also good.

There’s a lot more you have to do for yourself but not being bound by societies rules is a good feeling.

I’m not troubled by food and thanks to my powers I can sleep anywhere. A person can be truly free like this.

Usually, such a lifestyle is impossible so most people are bound to society.

“Priest-san do you want a hot ale?”

Now it’s Chaser who’s taking away my freedom, however, hearing the words hot ale in this cold makes me want to re-enter society.

I guess I’m still a human being when it comes down to it.

“Should we have a drink in the next town?”

“How much have we got left?”

“830 rims.”

“Just about enough.”

“Could we sell the ducks that George-kun caught?”

“We can ask the owner of the bar. I guess they’ll buy it.”

We were both enjoying living a life with no urgency.

There’s a certain pleasure that comes from escaping human society and only having minimal contact.

In a single phrase, it would be ‘an easy life’.


Glee Barrel was a small town with an inn that also had an attached dining hall. It gave off a good impression. A country town with a few good stores and easy to live in.

Entering the dining hall we decided to have a hot ale.

“Welcome priest-sama.”

“Hello. Two hot ales please.”

“I’ll bring them over right away. It’s a cold day.”

Chaser is currently negotiating the sale of the ducks.

I’m really poor at haggling and negotiations.

It’s probably because I don’t understand the markets. I’d feel bad if I came in too high.

In the first place, George-kun caught them, not me. I never do anything by myself.

We had three ducks and managed to get 1000 rims for them.

It seemed a bit cheap but on the plus side, the hot ale became free.

I guess its fine.

“Hello, priest-sama.”

An unknown man called out to me. His appearance was not bad.

He has the look of a servant from some house.

“My name is Bento. I work for the lords of this town, the Mekooru family.”

“How polite. I’m Redbull. A travelling priest.”

“Excuse me for asking Redbull-sama but can you use recovery magic?”

“Only low-level healing as I’m an exorcist and not a technique user.”

I can smell a chance of making money here.

Our money is running out. I should really try to make some.

“That’s most welcome news! The young master has a cold with a high fever. Our local healer is currently out of town and won’t be back for at least a week.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“I’m sorry for the trouble but would you come to the house please?”

“I understand. Let’s go.”

Counting on some income from this I set off to the local lord’s house.


Stepping into the room it was obviously a child’s room. The walls and carpet were in bright colours and toys and books were orderly lined up in one of the corners.

It seems like a loving upbringing.

The young master Andrew was lying on the bed and looked in pain.

I’d guess his age to be about 7 years old.

A quick scan tells me his body temperature is nearly 40 degrees.

Poor lad, that’s quite hot.

I immediately start treatment.

It’s undesirable to gain a reputation here so I use a modest amount of recovery magic.

I reduce his fever almost completely to a point where he will recover naturally.

“Now, please drink this.”

“Is it medicine?”

“No, it’s apple juice.”

I hand Andrew a glass of apple juice and he drinks it all in one go.

I guess he was very thirsty.

“Do you want some more? I don’t mind if you do.”

“Please. My throat is so dry and I’m really hungry.”

Seems like he’s fine already.

His own body should be able to finish the rest now.

“You’ve saved him. Thank you priest-dono!”

Overcome with emotion lord Mekooru grasped my hand while his wife next to him had tears in her eyes and lowered her head. (1)

It seems like everyone dotes on him.

“You don’t have to worry anymore. Just keep an eye on him and make sure he stays hydrated.”

While I’m talking to the couple the sound of breaking glass and the scream of a maid echoes from the corridor.

The women of this world are not so soft as to scream at rats and cockroaches.

Listening carefully I can hear multiple footsteps from the corridor and people with obvious bad intentions enter the room.

“Please excuse me.” A man who looks like the boss calls out to us in a bold voice.

There appear to be about 10 men behind him and they seem to have taken the servants as hostages.

“This mansion…no this entire town of Glee Barrel is now ours. We’ve dealt with all your soldiers so stop your useless resistance.”

“Bastard…..you’re Glenn aren’t you?”

“Hou, you remembered. Of course, I haven’t forgotten you at all!”

Mekooru and this man know each other.

Trouble seems to have arrived.

Chaser’s spear along with my luggage is down in the entrance hall where the servants put them.

I’ve got my handgun with me but it only has 4 bullets so it’s not much good.

If the bag was open I could get George-kun to bring the hummingbirds to me but its closed tight.

No matter how skilful George-kun is, he can’t open it from the inside.

The leader Glenn approaches Mekooru.

“You seem to have done well with the money. Don’t think you can pay me off this time.”

“That’s an unjust resentment. Your mercenary company is just made up of commoners wh—Gofu!”

The words of Mekooru are cut off by Glenn’s fist.

“Stop talking. You’ll have plenty of time to cry out after this.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Don’t worry, we go way back don’t we. Thanks to you I was sent to jail and went through hell. I’m not going to kill you straight away.”

Glenn’s face is twisted by insanity.

Any trace of a decent human being was gone.

“What should I do?……… Oh, I know. Let’s rape your wife for starters while you and your son watch. Hihihi, you’ve got a good body, don’t you? Looks tasty.”

Glenn’s eyes roam all over Mrs Mekooru while he licks his lips.

“Next I’ll enjoy your son. Boy, come play with your uncle. It’ll be fun! Crush his fingers, gouge out his eyes, cut out his tongue…..aah……..aha……ahahahaha! My balls! I’ve cum just thinking about it!”

“…….Please. I don’t care if you kill me but please leave my wife and son alone!”

“Of course I’m going to kill you. After I’ve enjoyed myself as much a possible I’ll kill you right at the very last moment.”

I seem to be caught up in some outrageous situation.

“What should I do with these guys?”

One of his subordinates points to me and Chaser.

“…….Kill em.”

Glenn showed no interest in us as he gave out his order.

(1) The author doesn’t actually call him Lord but Mekooru and a kanji for a retainer/knight family but that wouldn’t translate very well to English so I just called him lord.

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