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056. Chaser’s spear (Part II) or George-kun under the moonlight

With only 600 rims left, we stayed at an abandoned fort near the town.

Though it is abandoned it’s occasionally used as a training ground for the various orders of knights.

We light a grand open-air fire and huddle by it against the cold while George-kun is left on watch.

I guess I don’t need to hide my golems from Chaser anymore.

George-kun stands on the walls swinging his hips back and forth while on lookout. This has apparently become his new favourite movement.

I breathe out a long sigh watching my golem pump his waist back and forth at high speed.

I really wish he hadn’t seen Chaser having sex.


Sitting down by the fire Chaser begins to talk.

“You asked me why I left the knights.”

“Un. Don’t worry about it though. I’m not that interested.”

That’ a lie.

“5 years ago there was a small skirmish between two lords about their boundary lines around this area. We were sent to collect the taxes from a village. This village belonged to our lords opponent but he said that the village was on his land.”

“A foolish quarrel.”

“It really was, however, it was life and death for the villagers. What we did was looting in the name of tax collection. There were a lot of women and children in the village……”

This guy doesn’t have the type of character where he could turn a blind eye.

“You disobeyed orders?”

“Yeah. I let the villagers escape behind my superior officers back and as a result, I was stripped of my position as a knight.”

“And your current plight?”

“I’m from an old family of knights priest-san. Generation after generation. I always tried to stay true as a knight. I had no other way to live.”

“So you ended up becoming dependent on women to keep you.”

“Yeah. I know……. I was living a life that was dead but I still continued acting as a knight. I preyed on lonely women. That was bad. The women around me were all pitiful. Well, you could say it was a relationship where we were licking each other’s wounds.”

“So you aim to become a knight again in the future?”

“No. I’ve given up on that. I was planning on becoming a knight and returning to Alma with dignity to retrieve my spear but I guess I retrieved it without doing it after all.”

His face has a really refreshed look to it.

“There’s still the royal capital so have a think while we journey there.”

“Aah. What will you do when you get there priest-sama?”

How should I answer?

I can probably tell this fellow the truth but if he snitches on me and I get caught I can only laugh at myself.

“Actually, I’m not a priest.”

I told chaser everything.

“Hahaha, no wonder I thought you were a strange priest. You’re an interesting fellow.”

“Because of that please try not to attract attention in the future.”

“Understood. What do you intend to do for the future?”

“There’s a person I want to contact first. After I’ve spoken to them I’ll decide.”

“A woman?”


I then told Chaser about Patty and [Phoenix Company].

“I see. I understand most of your circumstances. One thing though, and it’s been bothering me for a while now but……….what’s that monkey doing?”

Of course, he noticed it. George-kun was still there, shining under the moonlight and waving his waist back and forth.

He’s just changed his direction and we are looking at him from behind now.

“What? Oh, that. He just seems to like it.”

“Did priest-san make it? It’s a strange golem.”

It’s your fault!

I cursed in my heart but I could not say that Geroge-kun had watched him have sex.


“I can see village Meg-san.” Kuro calls out to me from his position on the driver’s bench.

Hofkins village has appeared in the distance.

We of the [Phoenix Company] are searching for Ippei along with Patty-san.

Since leaving the last village, signs of Ippei have disappeared completely.

He may have possibly left the main road and taken a mountain path.



We were stopped at the entrance to the village by a group of villagers.

Where are you from?

“We came from Kombu Wall mine and are heading towards the capital Elimore.”

Patty-san is answering on our behalf.

The villagers started whispering amongst themselves. Occasionally words like fake and gula come out.

Gula? Isn’t that a female ghoul?

“No, she can’t be a gula. One won’t appear again.”

“But look at her breasts! No way they belong to a normal woman!”

“Moreover, isn’t it trying to deceive us? We mustn’t be tricked!”

These people are being very reckless. Certainly, Patty-san’s chest is on a monstrous level but very few people have the courage to say it to her face.

I’ve recently been growing but I don’t think I’ll ever be at a level where I can compete with her.

Thinking about it, I keep feeling Jean’s and Kuro’s eyes on me lately…..I’m troubled, but also a bit happy.

“Oi, you lot. Have you seen an uncle with a flat face, black hair and eyes with a black iris?”

The villagers react to Jean’s question.

“Are you acquainted with priest-sama?”


“Aah. Redbull-sama. He cured our diseases, defeated the gula and left before we knew it.”

“Are you stupid! The treatment was supposed to be a secret!”


Ippei-san seems to have changed himself into a priest somehow. In the future, we will have to follow the trail of a priest called Robert Redbull it seems.

Ippei-san treated the people of this village and killed a monster. We’ve finally found traces of Ippei-san after a long absence.

I’m glad we are getting closer to Ippei-san. Soon, we will catch up with you. Please wait for us Ippei-san.

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