054. A woman named Cordelia

The dull winter sky displeases me and my new post at Kombu Wall mine is boring. My name is Cordelia Rootpia and I’m the governor here.

My term of office is 3 years and I have one job which is making money. There’s no showy high society here and no one to talk about love with.

After being heartbroken you could say that this was the perfect place for me but even I wanted someone to console me.

Indeed, as soon as I got here I was able to find some wonderful material.

That man was a prisoner but he was intelligent and seemed to be cultured as well.

He rebelled against my humiliation, endured it and never broke.

I immediately knew I wanted that man but he already belonged to another.

That mans underwear proved it.

I was going to destroy his chastity belt, open him up and make him mine but he disappeared from me in the form of an escape.

Usually, I would have been enraged but for some reason when I had heard he ran away I was hardly angry at all.

Usually, when I get angry it overtakes me and I cannot control myself but on that day for some reason all I felt was sadness.

Due to my feelings, I did not chase him and regained my calm heart by freeing him from me.

“Cordelia-sama, Viscount Cherrycokes second daughter Patricia Cherrycoke has come from Nepia and is requesting a meeting.”

It had been 11 days since Ippei ran away when my butler Aaron informed me about the unusual visitors.

I know about the Cherrycoke Family of Nepia but I know nothing about the second daughter Patricia.

I cannot even imagine what important matter brings her here.

“Show them to the parlour.”

I have no idea what this is about but it will help alleviate my boredom a bit.

With that in mind, I set off to see Patricia Cherrycoke and kill some time.


With just one glance, like I had been granted a divine vision I could tell that this woman was Ippei’s wife or partner.

Unyielding eyes, a vulgar swelling on her chest and tight limbs.

Indeed, her entire body seemed built to attract the attention of that man.

After finishing our greetings I understood that my insight was correct.

“I’m here looking for a friend.”

“Oh, a friend?”

What a shameless lie. He’s your lover.

“Yes. He’s a prisoner called Ippei Miyata.”

As I thought.

“He was sent here due to false charges. His innocence has already been proven in Nepia.”

“I see.”

“When I contacted the officials here I was told that Ippei Miyata was already dead.”

“That’s most regrettable……”

Hmph. This little girl is glaring at me with scary eyes now.

“Do you know anything about the prisoner Ippei Miyata?”

“Well it’s not like I know all the prisoners that are here… If my officials say that he is dead then he is.”

“There’s no mention that Ippei Miyata broke out of prison.”

“If there was a jailbreak then I would have been informed. I have been here 10 days now and there has been no jailbreak.”

Hmph. Her eyes look like they are seeing right through me. What a cheeky girl.

This girl is a pain. A malicious heart within me raised its head.

“Oh, that reminds me…”

“What is it?”

“When I arrived here I met some prisoners on my 1st day. One of my duties as governor is to inspect the camp and see that the health of the inmates is good.”


“I interviewed some of them about their health and working conditions. I think one of them was called Ippei.”


“First off I checked his hair as a lot of them have bugs. He had beautiful black hair. It was really silky and not like a prisoner at all.”

I make a gesture as if stroking someone’s hair. As if Ippei was right there.

“You touched it, governor?”

“Yes. It’s my job after all.”

Fufufu. She’s surprised.

Oh? Is that anger?

“After that, I made him take off all his clothes…..and examined every nook and cranny. Nn? What’s wrong? You seem to be trembling.”

“Nothing. So what did you do to Ippei?”

Fufu, your voice is shaking now.

It feels so good!

“I checked his body. I checked for any wounds and made sure he had not been subject to unreasonable violence. I was……..very thorough”

“So…….up to that point there were no problems?”

“None. There was nothing wrong that I could see. I looked and touched everywhere so I’m certain of that.”

“……Then why did Ippei die?”

“Who knows? After his checkup, I don’t know what happened to him.”

My body and mind got wet at the sight of miss Cherrycoke shaking in anger.

Are you angry that your favourite toy got used without your permission?

I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

After 2 or 3 more rounds of small talk Patricia Cherrycoke left.

After she had gone I rang a bell on the desk calling for Aaron.

“What do you need Cordelia-sama?”

“Prepare a hot bath.”

“At once.”

Let’s relax a little by taking a bath. The dull work can wait until the afternoon.

I need to clean up this wet body of mine first.


After seeing the face of Patty when she got back Jean and Kuro were scared.

“Crap. That’s totally the face of a carnivorous beast.”

“Looks like an ogre. Let’s run.”

While those 2 were whispering Patty let out a cry with all her might.

“UOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! That shitty old woman! She absolutely knows something and she’s covering it up!”

“Ask her what happened Kuro.”

“Isn’t Jean-san the raid captain!”

“She loves you more than me! Wake up that ogre that sleeps in you!” (1)

Jean pushes Kuro from behind and he steps forward timidly.

“Ippei-san is alive after all then?”

“Yeah. That governor definitely knows something but she won’t say anything! Aah, I’m angry!!”

The god of salvation appeared before the boys who were frightened of Patty and had no idea how to deal with her burning anger.

Meg who had gone on a separate mission 3 days ago returned.

“I’ve found a clue. There’s a place called Macha village about 80 kilometres northeast of here.”

“Did ossan pass through there?”

“Probably. It was over 10 days ago. Apparently, an angel appeared in the village and treated an old man that was dying. I met with the old man and his grandchild to be sure.”

“An angel?”

Pushing Jeans doubts aside Patty listens.

“Is that angel Ippei?”

“The angel seemed to have black hair and was accompanied by a silver bird and monkey. The grandchild called Ruu said he had a face that looked flat. That’s it.”

“I get the face bit but what’s this about a monkey?”

Of course, nobody in the Phoenix Company knows about George-kun.

“The monkey aside that sounds like Ippei. As soon as Bonnie gets back we’ll set off.”

The anger disappeared from Patty’s eyes very quickly. It was more important to chase the news of Ippei than stay angry over such a trifling matter.


(1) I hope Jean isn’t referring to the ogre in Kuro’s crotch.

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