053. The man named Chaser

In the winters light, snow and ice are glittering.

It’s beautiful but soon becomes boring if stared at for too long.

Even if city people are pleased with the snow, rural people feel nothing. If a view lasts for more than 3 days it becomes the norm.

It’s so boring.

I’m tired of snow!

It’s a long journey to the capital and the scenery is just snow.

Due to the cold and boredom, me and Chaser have fallen into boys talk.

Two women come out of a side street, see me in my priest’s clothes, bow and leave.

As soon as they leave Chaser turns to me

“Right or left? Which is your preference priest-sama?”

We’ve been travelling together a while now and as a result, Chaser has become overly familiar.

I’m not bothered though.


“Don’t think so hard. Which one would you do!”

This is all I’ve heard since a while back.

“A one-night stand or dating?” I reply seriously

“Nnn…….one-night stand.”

“Un…..left one?”

“The right one was a beauty. She had massive breasts. Well, saying that, the one on the left was prettier.”

“Having sex with a woman who’s got a lovely personality is the best. Those who think about each other’s feelings while having sex are the best.”

“What feels good then?” Chaser asks while grinning.

“Well, that’s my general theory anyway.” I reply ignoring him

“I’ll take any beautiful women. It’s fun to make them fall in love with me.”

It seems romance is a game to Chaser.

I’ll punish you with ED you damn Ikemen!

The women who passed us cannot possibly imagine that we are discussing such things.

I’m sorry.

In fact, I’m pretty sure they’d hate us if they knew.

“That guy on the right seemed a bit small didn’t he.”


“He looks very incompetent.”

I’m sure they’d say this and I’d accept it.

…….Actually, no I wouldn’t!


It was dusk when we arrived at the dilapidated poor village.

After asking a villager it seems this town doesn’t have a priest in their temple.

That’s tonight sleeping spot sorted.

That priest’s clothes and ID have been really useful at times.

I cleaned up the temple with life magic and started a fire with wood I brought in from the nearby forest.

I went searching for Chaser and found him giving out some dried meat to the local children.

He looked like a middle-aged gang boss except his gang is kids.

Oi oi, what are you doing teaching kids how to seduce women?

Is that really a good way to kiss?

This guys an idiot.

…..I see. I’ve learnt something.

Wait! I’m the idiot!

I stopped and listened to Chaser’s seduction explanation without realising it.

It’s unexpected but he seems to like kids.

“Children seem to like you.”

“Hehe, they’re adorable after all. Country kids are nice and simple.”

He looked a bit shy while laughing and seemed years younger, almost boy like.


That evening I performed [evening prayer] due to the villagers begging me.

Last time I tried in Hofkins village I was interrupted, but here I just read from the scriptures and gave a small sermon like usual.

The literacy rate in this village is really low so they are pleased with only the readings from the scriptures.

I guess this area has very little in the way of entertainment.

Nearly 100 villagers gathered in the temple, eagerly listening to my story.

Looking around I can see Chaser talking to a woman who looked about 30. He whispered something in her ear and she laughed while seeming interested.

I cant respect how he spends his time seducing women but in a way, I can admire it.

Just like I enjoy an RPG that fellow enjoys a real love game.

After evening prayer ends Chaser walks amongst the believers with a black charity bag which the villagers put copper coins into.

Some put barley or potatoes in instead of cash.

After counting we had gained 9230 rims.

If I’m honest I think its really cheeky but I am thankful for the cash.

“Right, let’s go have something to eat.” Chaser says to me while I’m cleaning up.

“Where’d that come from?”

“I spoke about it a bit ago. Lets go.”

The house Chaser led me to was the house of that women he was happily talking to earlier.

Her husband seems to have died a few years back. Apart from the wife, there were 2 children. An older brother and younger sister around 10 years of age.

“Hey, I bought dried meat and potatoes like promised!”

Laying the food out on the table the children cheered.

The kids were very thin.

“Thank you. You’ve really helped us.”

The wife’s eyes are wet as she looks at Chaser.

While the wife prepared a meal Chaser showed the kids some magic tricks with cards.

The children got very excited seeing a magic trick for the first time.

“Very skilful.”

“I learnt it for cheating at gambling, however, it’s my policy to only use it once a night. That’s the trick to survival.”

“Stop doing that if you really want to live a long life.”

“I stopped a long time ago. I haven’t done it in a while.”

For once, Chasers face was serious.

Though we’ve only been together a few days I can tell that this guy wants to redo his life.

Though he seems flippant he seems to be betting on a new life in the capital.

I have the feeling that him getting thrown out of the tobacco shop by the widow was on purpose.

If he had actually performed dogeza in front of the widow I’m sure she would have forgiven him.

For some reason, he dared to leave their relationship like that.

The wife’s cooking ability was not very good. My food is much better, but you can tell that she tried her best and that makes it delicious.

After having some of her treasured ale [hand made] I left the house in good spirits.

Chaser drank loads and was very drunk. He seems to be a champion drinker.

He told me he had an important story to share and sent me on ahead.

……An important story?

I’m not going to dig any deeper.


Chaser did not return at all that night.

I was a little worried due to that ghoul in Hofkins village but I’m sure that wife was not a ghoul.

As ghouls get older their sexual charm spell gets stronger and harder to fight against.

Deciding to investigate a little I get George-kun out of my bag and send him off.

“Is Chaser safe George-kun?” I ask when George-kun returns.


George-kun nods energetically.

It seems I don’t have to worry.

“What’s Chaser doing at the moment?” (1)


Geroge-kun starts moving his hips at high speed.

Quickly stopping George-kun I go to bed.

…..I’m not envious.


The next day Chaser is travelling with me again.

“Hey, priest-sama. I want to drink ale again when we get to the next village.”

“Aah, that’s fine. Now you’ve mentioned it I suddenly want a drink.”

“I know right. Please treat me to one.”

“Ehh? I gave you 4600 rims yesterday.”

“Aah. That’s gone.”


“I gave it to that woman yesterday.”

I sigh at Chaser who’s smiling.

This man is sloppy with money, women and alcohol, likes children and lives in poverty…….

I don’t understand him or rather I don’t understand him well but I understand one thing.

I don’t hate him.

Authors note: Cordelia-sama will be appearing next time after an absence. I don’t know if she has any fans but her feelings will be made a bit more clear.

(1) Really Ippei?

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