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048. Your wings

“Go! Bari! Banpero!”

I left the main road and I’m now currently on a side road in the mountains. Partly because I want to avoid public attention but mainly because its a shortcut.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of demons in the mountains.

Thanks to the hummingbirds I’m managing fine, but I’m worried about my current strength if a strong demon comes out.

I’m currently fighting a bear type demon.

Oh! The hummingbirds have won.

The demon beast received 6 laser hits and collapsed.

Well done hummingbirds.

George-kun is also working hard with his bow.

It’s only me that’s useless.

As I approached the demon beast I could see that it had dropped a demon stone.

Let’s see. It’s a H rank. I’m quite lucky. I’ve got a demon stone after only 13 dead demons.

Let’s make a weapon right away.



[Name] Keropan

[Type] Handgun

[Attack] 168

[Attribute] None

[Note] 50-meter effective range, the maximum number of bullets is 4, no recoil, each shot requires 2 MP, [shooting] skill can be acquired.


Due to the inferior rank of the demon stone, this gun is nowhere near as good as my old guns. It has fewer bullets and does not have a 3 round burst. Even so, I feel relieved to have a weapon again.

The more weapons the better in these mountains due to the demon beasts.



George-kun who was scouting ahead has found something.

From his cry alone its impossible to know what’s wrong or how cautious I should be.

Creeping forward cautiously a splatter scene unfolded before my eyes.


Two bodies lay before me, completely incompatible with the white world of snow and ice.

One body is a monster and one is a human.

My recovery magic will be of no use here.

A rigid meat block covered in blood is all that remains.

I’ll bury him at least.

Judging by his clothes he appears to be a priest.

They appeared to have killed each other simultaneously.

“Namu Amida Butsu.” (TN 1)

I know he’s a priest of another religion but I only know this Buddhist prayer. Please forgive me.

Before burying him I check his belongings.

Aah, an identity card.

Let’s see. He’s called Robert Redbull and it seems like he was an exorcist. (TN 2)

He appears to have been a low-level priest.

He also had sacred books, 12500 rims in cash, an I rank demon stone and the clothes he was wearing.

I’ll take his belongings. It’s a shame to throw them away.

….Hmmm. Should I disguise myself as a priest?

I’m currently clothed head to toe in furs.

I quickly change my clothes and pretend to be priest Robert Redbull.

I should be able to travel through towns safely now.

This I rank demon stone is questionable.

If I make a golem or weapon out of it the performance will be poor.

After thinking for a while I made a small sparrow golem out of it.

It’s very pretty. Women would like this. I spent a lot of time on it after all.

Finally, I put my hands together before the grave of the priest and began walking.


Viscount Cherrycoke had a bitter expression on his face as he studied the document in front of him.

He’d received a response from Kombu Wall mine regarding his query about the status of Ippei Miyata.

Prisoner number 683-1222-01 Ippei Miyata died on the 26th of January in the year 684.

It was a short letter.

It was not something he wanted to show Patty but he had no choice.

At that moment his door is knocked and Patty enters.

Although she wasn’t as cheerful as she was before Ippei was arrested she had started to get better.

“Father, they’ve finally decided to start a trial for Ippei. Since he didn’t have a trial last time its a bit weird getting one now.”

The smile of his daughter was sad. Silently, he presented the letter to Patty.

“What’s this?”

Patty processed the short letter.

“……… way.”


The viscount cannot find any words to say to his daughter as she falls to her knees crying out.


I’m running along the mountain path.

The snow is very thick here but I’m doing my best.

I haven’t checked my status in quite a while.

Adventuring in the labyrinth, my labour in the mine and now my marathon. Surely that must have done something, right?

I peeked at my status


[Name] Miyata Ippei

[Age] 28

[Occupation] Porter

[Lv] 1

[Status] Normal

[HP] 10/10 (2up)

[MP] 978148/999999

[Attack] 4 (+168) Handgun (1up)

[Defence] 6 (+38) Leather hat, Leather cloak, Priest clothes (1up)

[Physical strength] 10 (6up)

[Intellect] 1480

[Agility] 6 (-2) (1up)

[Magic] Life Magic Lv.max, Recovery magic Lv.max

[Skills] Cooking Lv.max, Material refining Lv.max, Medicine refining Lv.max, Blacksmithing Lv.max , Appraisal Lv.max, Golem creation Lv.max, Tool creation Lv.max, Shooting lv.7 (Hit correction +7%), Con artist Lv.4

[Experience to next level] 1262/100000 (TN 3)


Some of my base stats have gone up. I don’t actually feel like I’ve gotten stronger.

My strength has gone up by 6 whole points. If I drank a body strengthening potion that would make it 100.

I’ve finally made it into the 3 digits I’ve always wanted.


Following the path, a village came into view. It’s slightly bigger than the village I was at this morning.

Hopefully, there are shops or inn’s where I can get something to eat.

I’ll probably attract attention with my golems so I’ll put them in a bag. They are not very big after all.

I made myself presentable with life magic and hurried down into the village.


It was a peaceful rural village.

Just as I was about to call out to a villager about somewhere to eat, a voice calls out to me from the side.

“Welcome priest-sama. Thank you for coming to such a remote place.”

“Ah, yes, hello.” I put on a kind smile and respond in a gentle voice. Was that priest like?

“I saw you coming so I contacted Sister Maria Mysteia.”

Who’s that?

“Yes, thank you.”

At least they haven’t recognised me as an escaped prisoner. However you look at me, at the moment I look like a straightforward servant of God.

I look like a fine priest. Actually……I’m a terrible person!


A beautiful voice called out to me from quite far away.

A sister is coming towards me down the other side of the road.

Pure eye’s, a graceful nose and a gentle and beautiful mouth.

She’s also got large breasts along with a narrow waist and a large, plump ass. Her body gives off a fertile, abundant harvest feeling.

I’m sorry God.

I’m a terrible priest.

This person is giving off a pure and innocent like pheromone!

Being careful not to let my worldly desires show I was picked up by Sister Maria.


Every day as Patty wakes up she starts her day by remembering Ippei is no longer in this world.

It had been 4 days since she’d been told that Ippei was dead.

Patty wished mornings would never come again but so far her wish had not been answered.

Her tears had long since dried out.

She stayed in the house all day in a state of lethargy while battling occasional bouts of sorrow.

Patty is a strong woman. She was trying to fight against her sadness.

*Knock knock*

The window makes a sound. Patty’s room is on the second floor. It cant be a person.

*Knock knock*

Patty looked but her curtains were shut so she had no idea what it was.

*Knock knock*

Something was knocking on her window.

*Knock knock*

Whatever it was it was persistent. Patty forces herself up and goes to the window.

She opened her curtains to find a small bird tapping at the window with its beak.

Except it wasn’t a normal bird.

It was a small silver bird shining in the light.

Patty quickly opens the window. The little bird jumps into the room and fly’s to Patty’s open hand.

It’s a small sparrow golem.

There was only one person in this world who would make such a thing.

“He’s…..alive. Ippei……surely……he’s alive……..”

Tears that had long dried out gushed forth again.

(1) Buddhist prayer. Very basic meaning is “I take refuge in Amida Buddha”. Quite interesting actually but way too much scope to put here. Look it up if you’re interested.

(2) Should I make a bad wings joke?

(3) Now we know he can level up his stats without his level going up. Better get a workout regime going Ippei.

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