037. Sudden change

The eve of the [Winter Festival].

A large dance party was held at the castle of marquis Coke.

A showy social scene unfolded with western nobles, celebrities and wealthy merchants all gathering in its halls.

The eldest daughter of Earl Ambassador, Eugenie Ambassador sighed a big sigh when she spotted her best friend Patricia Cherrycoke.

Patricia was surrounded by a number of young noblemen all inviting her to talk and dance. It was obvious she was there in body but not in spirit.

She was probably thinking about that man.

That commoner.

“Patty, what’s wrong? You seem a bit off. Let’s go for a little rest if you feel sick.”

“Yeah. Thank you, Jenny.  I’m sorry everyone. I think I’m a little drunk. I’m going for a rest.”

Patty disengages from the ring of men with an elegant gesture. The fierce face she shows in the dungeons is nowhere to be found. It’s one of the things Jenny admires about her.

Jenny understood it well. That fierce and voluptuous figure was the true essence of Patty.

“You saved me Jenny. I was so bored.”

Patty’s soft and generous expression fell away when they were both alone.

“Oh dear. All those young noblemen surrounding you would be so disappointed to hear that.”

“Those guys……”

“As expected. That person if your favourite huh? I can’t understand your tastes at all.”

“How can you not understand Ippei’s good points?”

“Well……..we haven’t really spoken yet because you were clinging to him when he escaped that time. It didn’t really leave much chance to talk.”


“Doesn’t really matter. All men are the same. They only look at you here”

Jenny casually grabbed Patty’s big breasts.

Sexually speaking Jenny prefers men but grabbing those soft things has become a habit of hers.

“Hey! Stop grabbing them whenever you like.”

“Sorry. I can’t suppress the impulse sometimes.”

“Ippei said that even if men’s eyes go to my chest all the time, it’s down to that person’s heart on how they act on it.”

“That may be so but if you are a gentleman you should control where your gaze goes.”

That’s impossible!

“Did you just hear a voice then Patty?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

They both went quiet as some people passed by.

“Be careful Patty. I know you are aware but if that person learns about it….”

“Of course. I have no desire to go to a monastery.”

“I’ll save you, Patty, even if you are locked away.”

“Jenny…….I’m really grateful but it’s alright. I have plenty of other resources.”

“Will a prince on a white horse ride in and save you?”

“Nope. The mysterious thief Moriarty Oolongtea will steal me away.” Patty said with a laugh.

Jenny had heard what happened in the labyrinth with Yuuraia and laughed as well though she also felt a bit of anxiety.

“Hey, Patty. Yuuraia is a persistent guy. Even though he failed to get your body he may still come for revenge.”

“Revenge? I don’t think he can get to me.”

Patty is very competent with a sword. Yuuraia doesn’t come anywhere close, however, that rogue will use any means necessary to get what he wants.

“He may not aim directly at you. I think he will aim for Ippei-san.”

“……..I might have to consider some countermeasures a little.”

Patty was thinking that Ippei might have to go to another town until the dust settles in Nepia. Even though Patty and Ippei are tentatively seeing each other there’s no evidence of that no matter how much you look. Unless they kiss in public its impossible to prove that they are in love with each other.

Patty is safe but with Ippei being a commoner it would be easy to level a false charge against him and imprison him.

Tomorrow is the [Winter Festival] so Patty is busy with family business and can’t go out, however, the day after she is free so she will go see Ippei and discuss with him about leaving Nepia for a while. Perhaps he could go to the Royal capital for a while.

It wouldn’t be bad travelling on the magic train together.

Travelling together in a private carriage aboard the magic trains sounds like a honeymoon.

Patty became embarrassed at her childlike fantasy but still ended up staying in her delusion for a while.


The day of the winter festival was a wonderfully fresh and sunny day.

Patty can’t come and visit due to family matters so I’m free to rest today.

With nothing better to do, I have a lie in.

I’m thankful actually, as the week of the bloody turkey race was hectic so I’ve piled up a lot of fatigue.

I really don’t feel like getting up.

While I was wrapped up in my duvet and considering ordering a cafe au lait the door to my room was knocked on violently.

“Adventurer Ippei Miyata open the door!”

When I open the door 6 armoured soldiers stand in the hallway.

“Erm……..can I help you?”

“Are you Ippei?”


As soon as I confirmed it 2 people restrained me.

“Don’t move. You are under suspicion of bringing a demon stone out of the labyrinth. Start searching!”

Bringing a demon stone out? I have yet to see any stone over F rank.

3 soldiers began searching my room.

“Found it!”

A large shining demon stone I have never seen before was in the soldier’s hands.

It was the colour of an emerald.

After a quick glance with appraisal, it turned out to be a genuine F rank demon stone.

I want it………

It does seem like a Sanmon drama though considering they found it in less than a minute. (TN. I don’t know what a sanmon drama is 三門芝居. The only thing I can find is a kabuki play about Ishikawa Goemon.)

The one guard who was looking had quickly slipped it into a drawer before pulling it out.

What are they after?

“Evidence has been found. You can’t talk your way out of this! Take him!”

Before leaving the room I send a quick thought to Gobu.

“(Take the cash and potions from the safe and go to Bonnie-sans house.)”


Gobu can move for 1 hour when he’s away from me.

That should be plenty of time for him to get to Bonnie-sans house.

I wanted to send him to Patty but it’s doubtful the gatekeepers would let him in to see her.

Without understanding anything I found myself in prison.


“Hurry up and get in there!”

I hesitated to enter the cell due to the smell but I was kicked from behind.

The room was damp, smelly and very cold. In it was some rotten straw and a bucket.

I guess the straw is my bed and the bucket is my toilet.

This is unexpected, to say the least. Not long ago I was nice and comfy in a superior room in the Sangarilla hotel.

The cell bars are made from iron so escaping would be easy using material refining but there’s no point as I’d be found easily.

Not long after, footsteps echoed down the corridor as somebody muttering complaints approached.

“What a terrible smell. It’s everywhere.”

I recognise that voice. Don’t come here if you don’t like the smell.

Yuuraia Ramunes appeared before me.

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