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033. The leader is a porter

The stairs up to the entrance hall are brightly illuminated with lights powered by demon stones because adventurers have to be careful not to hurt their eyes when coming up and being suddenly exposed to sunlight.

All the members of [phoenix company] are climbing the stairs with tired faces. The battles as well as carrying the heavy bags full of materials and demon stones had taken their toll.

After selling everything we get 191,400 rims which is 38,280 rims each.

It’s a good income for beginners but for Patty and Bonnie-san it’s not even half of what they usually earn.

“We should hire a porter after all. It was a shame we had to leave materials behind like that.” Meg says with a regretful look on her face.

We couldn’t carry most of the materials and had to leave them behind.

Though individually each item only had a low selling price we have probably left about 20,000 rims worth of items behind in the labyrinth.

Even if you find a secluded room and leave them behind it seems the floors and walls of the labyrinth absorb them after a while.

“Should we put up a poster for recruiting a porter?”

“I think its a good idea. 4000 rims per person will definitely get us someone.”

Meg is severe when it comes to handling the money.

“I’ve thought about this before but Meg is well suited to be the treasurer of [phoenix company]”

“Ou, I think so too. Please Meg!”

Jean looked happy being able to avoid the money side of it.

“Fine. Ippei-san has a strange outlook on profitability and Jean is out of the question. I guess I’ve got no choice.”

There isn’t really any need to complain because I’m using my own money though……

I’d rather she say my money sense is wrong.

It feels like being told off by your wife for spending your personal allowance on a game.

“Meg is our [accountant] and I’m the raid leader!”

Jean makes a selfish position for himself.

“That’s fine. Ippei-san is the leader then.”

“I’m the leader?……..”

“Because you’re the oldest.”

“You’re an ossan.”

…..Can’t be helped I guess. I can’t retort to those 2 who are still in their teens.

“…..Scout role” Bonnie-san mutters.

“Eh? Bonnie-san wants to participate as well?”

“Un…….I decided……!”

Patty looked a bit envious but she’s already the leader of [angel wing].

Having Bonnie-san with us is reassuring and Patty won’t have to worry as much.

Bonnie’s knowledge of the labyrinth is great and our tactics have widened also.

“Wouldn’t it be better for Bonnie-san to be the leader?”



“2nd in command… cool……..” (TN. Had trouble with this. 懐刀 can be right-hand man or dagger/stiletto. Not sure if she means what I put or more like a hidden dagger/being his assassin is cool type of thing)

She seems to be determined on the matter.


We decided to employ a porter for our next exploration. Since it was our first time doing this we decided to hire just one person.

Because I’m the leader and a porter it was up to me to organise it.

Recently and without depending on Gobu I can carry 30 kg of baggage now.

I have to keep using recovery magic though.

However, my experience as a porter is surely rising.

My actual level doesn’t rise though.


Recruiting 1 porter.

Do you want to work with a cheerful party?

[Job description] Material and demon stone transportation. Part dismantling. Setting up camp.

[Salary] 8000 rims for 2 nights and 3 days.

[Location] 2nd floor, 1st and 2nd wards.

The interview will be on x month, x day, x time at Haydn park arbour.

Please feel free to come along.

9th rank party [phoenix company]


When I arrive back at the hotel a package from Onkel-san was waiting for me.

Inside was money from the auction of the degraded holy sword and the imitation holy mace.

The winning bid for the sword was 8.9 million rims and the mace was 12.3 million rims.

It seems that Yuuraia guy paid a lot of money.

Because I sold the sword I’ve actually stolen someone else’s property. When thinking about it, it’s a terrible thing to do.

I’ll return the 8.9 million rim. I don’t want money from someone like him anyway.

The church won the mace.

They seem to want to put it in their main treasure vault so I have no problem with that.

It won’t hurt anyone sleeping in a warehouse.

I sent a thank you note along with 3 Beiappoi specials to Onkel-san


After soaking in the bath for a while the inside of my head felt empty.

Space seemed to sway about. I’m conscious but I can’t put the image into words.

Whatever it was, it was comfortable so I carried on for a while.


I must become a noble.

But how do I become one?

The most common method is to become a bureaucrat.

Become a career bureaucrat, rise up the ranks until you become high ranking and then you get to become a noble.

The problem is it takes way too much time.

Another method is to contribute greatly to the state and become decorated. With this method, your noble rank does not become hereditary and it dies with you.

I don’t need to become a noble with a hereditary title. I only need one for Patty.

In addition, Patty’s house is only that of viscount which is a lower noble house.

A rank of baron would suffice.

I could probably get away with just being a knight which is a semi-noble rank.

Every year around 15 people get bestowed with honours and peerage.

The question is how do I become one of those 15 people?

From what I’ve heard from Patty, it seems that people who make great achievements in economic or academic fields get honoured.

Also, adventurers who bring back A, B or C grade demon stones get honoured.

It seems if you reach the 9th floor a hereditary title is a very real possibility.

The most desirable one to me is the bestowing of an order from being an adventurer.

This one stimulates me the most. Let’s advance our explorations.


3 interviewees were already waiting for me when I arrived at Haydn park.

“Hello everyone. I’m the leader and porter of [phoenix company]. Thank you for coming today.”

Two of the applicants pulled disgusted faces at my greeting.

As expected. Was the leader also being a porter bad?

I thought it might rhyme…….

2 out of the 3 people declined and left.

Something Saul-san from [sand of the star] said came back to me. [The most important skill of a porter is to tell which parties will survive].

I guess they can’t feel relieved looking at me but I can’t say I blame them.


“Only you remained.”


The boy turned his eyes away and looked down seemingly embarrassed.

Ears on his head, tail above his buttocks and an entirely covered in hair type of feeling. One of the beastmen race.

There are only a small number of them in Nepia but they do exist.

The boy seems to come from the dog tribe.

Those from the dog tribe are strong, have good endurance and a very good sense of smell.

They are slightly similar to kobolds but they have faces close to that of humans.

The boy was covered in silver hair hiding a medieval-like face. (TN. I have no idea what a medieval face even is but that is what the author wrote 中世的な顔)

“Well then I’ll start the interview. Please tell me your name age and your career in the labyrinth.”

“I’m Kuro. I’m 14. I’ve been a porter for 6 months and I’ve been to the 2nd level.”

Kuro’s voice falters. His features are immature and he gives off a sweet feeling. You could possibly mistake him for a girl.

“9th rank same as us. What wards did you go to?”

“I went through wards 1 to 3.”

“Hou, we’ve only gone to the 2nd ward. That’s promising.”


“The conditions are 2 nights and 3 days for 8000 rims. You okay with that?”

“Is that okay?”

“Nn? That is the highest we can go. Any more would be…….”

“No, I’m a beastman…..”

“…….Eh? I can tell by looking.”

“It’s usually half price……..”

I have a rough guess of what’s going on.

Apparently, the beastmen tribes are discriminated against in this country.

They must have to lower their prices to get any work.

Looking closely at Kuro’s clothes I can see they well worn and a bit shabby.

“If you work properly then we pay you properly. We won’t shortchange you for your work.”


“If you want the job meet us at the labyrinth in 3 days.”


With this, Kuro was hired as our porter.

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