031. Mysterious thief, Moriarty Oolongtea

The 2nd day.

Today we are moving down to the 2nd level,

The 2nd level 1st ward is where I suffered the humiliating defeat at the hands of the skeletons.

However, I am not the same person I was back then and have naturally made countermeasures.

Every day I live by my motto [run away if in trouble] but today I have decided I will return 3 times before giving up completely.


“Hey, Ossan fall back. Skeletons have appeared.” Jean said meanly but I ignored him and took out my new weapon.

“What’s that big gun? Do iron balls shoot out?”

“That’s a pretty good guess Jean. It’s not just any old iron ball though. It’s a grenade!”

My new weapon is a grenade launcher. A weapon designed to launch grenades a fair distance. 50 meters is the approximate range.

With this, even me who has a weak throwing arm can send grenades far away.


I launch my grenade and a sound is made as the accumulated air is expelled.

The grenade draws a parabola and lands causing a small explosion in a crowd of skeletons which promptly get blown away.

“That’s incredible ossan!”

“Ou. That bullet is called a grenade and can also be thrown by hand.”

“Did you make those bullets ossan?”

“Of course! I used 2 H rank demon stones and some iron. It’s not complicated to make. How about showing some respect?”

“What wasteful things are you doing!!!!” Meg is shaking. “Each shot is 3000 rims!!”

“No….If I use the demon stones that drop, the price comes down.”

“It’s a complete deficit!! Swinging my mace is free!!”

After that I was lectured by all the members and my grenade launcher was banned.

Damn skeletons!

All of you are evil.

I will have my revenge.


On the 2nd level when moving from the 1st ward to the 2nd ward the stone floor disappears in places and is replaced by soil.

Plants are growing here even if there is no light due to the soil.

There seems to be a lot of moss.

I was curious so I left the golems on lookout and used appraisal on the mosses.


Frankly speaking, my skills are abnormal.

By using material refining, organic compounds can be extracted without using organic solvents and organic synthesis from thin air is possible using medicine refining.

I have an uncountable number of synthesis recipes in my database. If I want it and the materials are there it is semi-automatically made for me.

It even improves the substances by chemically modifying them and I can draw out new features. Its no holds barred!

It scares me that I am constantly using something like a gods database.

Actually, this skill might actually touch on the knowledge of God.

Though I’ve been making things for myself I need to think about the things I put out there in the world as well.

Sudden change effects the way people act.

The fact I can make medicine is amazing in itself.

I’m thinking of not bothering to make medicines for illnesses though.

What would I do if a person was suffering from a disease right in front of me?

I’d cure them of course.

I’ll wear a disguise so they don’t know its me and just use recovery magic.

I’ve already created a mask for my disguise.

I won’t accept responsibility for bad things that happen where I can’t see though.

That is my stance.

(TN. Not sure if it comes across clearly enough in the TL but his reasoning for not releasing the medicines is that yes he could cure all the illnesses in the world by releasing these medicines but the sudden change would be too much for people to handle and he doesn’t want this.)


Anyway, returning to the 2nd ward, its a treasure trove of chemical materials here.

There are a lot of useful things but I ignore them. I’ll only take a few things home.

First of all, materials for a hair pack.

The hair pack is something I’m thinking of developing for Patty.

I remember her saying [since I became an adventurer my hair has gotten rough].

She didn’t seem particularity bothered by it but I’m sure she will be pleased if it became beautiful again.

I gathered the roots of an ivy called Arobina and extracted the ingredients.

Because the materials have many uses I’ll finish it when we return.

I also collected material for an antidote.

I want to make an all-purpose antidote by any means.

I’ll give them to Gobu so if I’m unconscious from poison he can heal the party.

It’s not a problem if I’m okay though as recovery magic will get rid of poison.

Now I’ve got what I need I’ll get back to hunting.


Most of the demons in the 2nd ward were also skeletons so we use the Meg and Gobu at the front formation.

Since I’ve been banned from using my grenade launcher I’m at the back with the baggage.

I stay cautions and have the hummingbirds on lookout as well. Hikaru-kun is at the front shedding light on the battlefield.

I’m not envious!

While watching from the back I saw a party enter our battle from the side and start to approach the others.

Everyone in the 8 person party is wearing expensive armour.

Though they won’t attack they could be intending to steal our things. Taking someone else’s hard work.

“State your intention!”

Patty is being careful.

The leader leaves the group and steps forward while removing his helmet.

“Isn’t that Patricia? I came to help because the party seems weak.”

The man’s companions let out a servile laugh.

He seems to know Patty. Is he a nobleman’s son?

“Is that Yuuraia-sama of the Ramunes family?…..Hasn’t your little joke gone too far?” (TN. Author sticking with the soft drink names for nobles. I’m sure everyone knows what ramune is.)

“Oh my. Having such a scary look on your face ruins your special beauty. No…..Actually, your angry face is also beautiful.”


The atmosphere has become dangerous.

I take out my guns loaded with special ammunition, don my mysterious healer mask and hide in shadows.

“That reminds me, I haven’t received your answer yet. What is your answer to my proposal?”

“What are you saying? I declined quite clearly.”

Because Patty’s back is facing me I cannot see her expression but I can feel a lot of repulsion from her voice.

Yuuraia is ugly with a cruel look to his face and is someone who scatters abuse about due to his power as a noble.

What should I do?…….

“Oh, you refuse…..is that so? By the way Patty-san this is a labyrinth.”

“Yes, I’m well aware.”

“Who knows what will happen here. You never can tell when an unfortunate accident might happen.”

The face of the man called Yuuraia distorts in a nasty way.

“Are you threatening to kill us?”

“How terrible! I’d never murder you. The guild card doesn’t turn red if you just cut off a foot and leave them rolling around on the ground. Kukuku…..”

“You’ll be in trouble if you underestimate me. I’m a 7th rank adventurer.” Patty declares while preparing her sword.

“Fufufu. Are you going to resist? There are 8 of us and only 3 of you…….Besides I have this sword.”

Yuuraia drew a sword I’d seen somewhere before.

“Th, that sword!”

Patty seems surprised.

“Fufufu. Do you understand? This is a holy sword. I won it from an auction yesterday. It’s amazingly sharp. Care to try it, Patricia?”

Yuuraia’s glistening red tongue licks his lips.

The human might be trash but that sword is dangerous.

I shouldn’t have sent it to auction (TN. Ya think!)

Though it’s unbelievable to see it the very next day.

I could see the atmosphere around Patty was at its limit.

“Now Patricia-san. There’s a handy room over there……I want to talk to you……. Let’s take off our armour and relax. There’s no need to cause any trouble.”

The indecent voice of Yuuraia was almost a whisper.

I can order my golems within a 30-meter range.

It’s time for Hikaru-kun to play an active part.

Nobody is taking any notice of Hikaru-kun at all. Don’t they recognise it as a golem?

He walks right up to them and they still don’t notice.

I order Hikaru-kun to use flash.

As soon as Hiakru-kun lets out his flash I jump out and fire my special bullet.

The bullet has a high voltage generator inside it.

As it hits it splits apart and each piece is connected by a thin wire that delivers an electric shock continuously for 30 seconds.

It’s my personal non-killing weapon.

Each bullet requires an I rank demon stone so if Meg asks I’ll just say they fainted but now is an emergency.

Everything is the preparation of the weakest man.

The men fall down from the electric shock one after the other.

Due to the shock Yuuraia seems to have peed himself. I won’t be using cleaning magic.

I calmly approach the group and declare in a grand manner.

“I am the mysterious thief of the labyrinth Moriarty Oolongtea. Pleased to meet you all…..”

My sonorous voice echoed throughout the labyrinth.

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