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030. Two teachers

Today is the day [phoenix company] has its intermediate level training course with Patty acting as the lecturer.

Patty has been in high spirits since the morning.

She came to my hotel room early and invited me for breakfast. Even while eating she was in a good mood talking about our schedule all the way through.

“We’ll get to the 5th ward before the end of the day and camp there, then tomorrow morning we’ll hunt in the 2nd level.”

She’ll teach us about the topography of the 2nd level, what kind of demons there are and things to be careful about as well as personal experiences she had there.

After returning to my room she even helped me pack.

The two of us set out and walked together to the labyrinth gate.

Throughout all of this, she had a smile blooming on her face.

Even though I’m off to the labyrinth I can’t help feeling happy and excited.

This ended at the labyrinth gates.


“Ossan! Over here, over here!”

In our usual meeting spot, a monkey is jumping around.

Meg was also waving energetically at his side.

Although we are off to the labyrinth they have the atmosphere of people going on a picnic.

I might also be the same though.

I can feel the breathing of Patty right beside me which makes me feel really good.

Just as I was thinking about calming down a person appeared from the shadow of a building behind Meg and raised their hand.

“Good morning………..”

Without even having to look you can feel the atmosphere around Patty change.

“Are you surprised!? I asked Bonnie-san to come along!”

Jean is looking at me with eyes that say please praise me.

Argh! This type of innocence should be a crime!

He’s guilty.


“I’m sorry. Jean had invited her before I realised what he as going to do…….” Meg apologises in a whisper.

It’s okay Meg. You haven’t done anything wrong.

Patty and Bonnie-san face each other.

They don’t seem to see the other members.

“Good morning. I’m 7th rank adventurer Patricia Cherrycoke.”

“Bonnie……..6th rank………”

Their eyes are probing each other as they name themselves.

“What’s your relationship with Ippei?”

“Ippei is my student…….I’m raising him to be my porter…….”

This is the first time I’m hearing this Bonnie-san.

“Oh, Ippei is already my porter and has been for some time.”

Was I in such a position?!

“When did I become your porter Patty?”

“Oh, didn’t you say you wanted to adventure together but since you were too weak being a porter was fine?”

“Umu, Battles are impossible for you……”

Both of you are mean.

“Oh well, this time both of you can train Ippei-san.”

Peace was brokered by our youngest member Meg.

Certainly, with recovery magic, life magic and various other skills I’ll make an excellent porter but I want to be an adventurer if I can.


Moving on.

I’m not a thick-headed main character from some hero series when it comes to Patty. I understand we have a delicate relationship right now.

Patty was looking forward to exploring with me today then a person named Bonnie-san abruptly shows up. It’s easy to understand her feelings.

I also like Patty and want to push our relationship one step further but Patty is a noble.

Noble ladies are not allowed to interact socially with commoners.

Marriage is even more outrageous.

Even if we ignore the social aspect it’s expressly prohibited by law.

It seems male nobles can lay their hands on common women though.

It’s complete male domination over women here.

On the other hand, if a commoner falls in love with a noble they are punished.

The lady is sent to a monastery and forced into becoming a nun while the man is either executed or sent to the mines as forced labour.

Forced labour turns into an execution if they had sex.

Noble women and common men falling in love is relatively common but those cases where it develops into a sexual relationship are surprisingly few. (TN. Not really surprising when the price for having sex is death.)

Basically, if I confess to Patty it’s off to the mines for me and if we have sex I better prepare for death.

This is the reason Patty is also hesitating and the reason the appearance of Bonnie-san has made her more anxious than necessary.


Everybody finishes their preparations.

“Good morning everyone. This time we are exploring the 2nd level with Patty and Bonnie-san as our instructors. Let’s all greet our sensei’s. My best regards for today.”

“”Thanking you in advance.””

Jean and Meg both have smiling faces.

I hope both sensei’s get along for the sake of those 2.


Along with his usual backpack, Gobu also has 2 long parcels under his arms.

Those are the weapons I remade for Meg and Jean.

Because Patty was against it I decided not to hand over the degraded holy sword and imitation holy mace.

I asked Onkel-san to send them to auction for me.

The new weapons are more robust than normal ones and though reduced they still have high attack power.

I have also given them the holy attribute. This should be okay, right?


“Okay, I made you new weapons as promised.”

“Oh! It’s a good sword!”

“This mace seems easy to use.”

How can you both handle such heavy weapons?

If I equip the mace my attack power only goes up to 10 even though the weapon has an attack power of 189.

As usual, I cannot seem to satisfactorily draw out the performance of a weapon.

Since the last time with Meg, I made a mace for Gobu as well.

I considered letting him use the imitation holy mace but as Gobu is a golem that can level up I made his mace the same as Megs so his growth won’t be hindered.


“Well then, let’s get to the 5th ward by the end of the day!”

Guided by the energetic voice of Patty we descended the stairs into the abyss.

Our 4 days and 3 nights search has begun at last.


The hummingbirds and Hikaru-kun that were useless before the skeletons had the fastest enemy extermination rate of anyone on the 1st floor.

There was no enemy that could withstand being blinded then shot from 3 different directions.

Our formation is Jean and Meg in front, Bonnie-san using hit and run tactics and me and Patty at the rear.

That was our winning formation but I rushed through the 1st level with a plus alpha (TN. plus alpha is a wasei-eigo term [and Korean apparently] for something extra/extra special.)

We entered the 4th ward in the morning and by 3pm we were in the 5th ward.


“Shall we have a break soon?” Patty suggests after looking at the status of the other members.

As expected of the leader of [angel wing]. Shes really admirable.

Newcomers rarely notice that their fatigue is building up and though slight their movement dulls.

Patty is always keeping an eye of the fatigue of all the members as well as making sure they stay hydrated, eat properly and treat any injuries.

“Alright. I’m preparing a special snack today. Please look forward to it.”

I enter a small suitable room and prepare the snack which today is a crepe.

I make it a different way to restaurants though. It’s often made with caramel sauce, orange juice and orange zest.

Today, however, I am outdoors and in a labyrinth not to mention oranges are out of season so I decided to make a simple one.

I had already made the dough back at the hotel so I placed the iron pan over the fire, melted the butter and added the dough. I sprinkled sugar and orange liqueur on.

The alcohol in the liqueur evaporated after catching fire. Flambeed to completion.

“It’s like fire magic! The orange smells wonderful!”

Meg who loves meat and sweet things lets out an entranced voice.

That’s right. Sweets and cakes are enjoyed with the 5 senses.

After enjoying the sight, sound and smell please enjoy the warmth and taste.

It’s cold in the labyrinth today so the warm snack was popular with everyone.


After eating the snack Bonnie-san brings her body close to mine.

Patty’s eyes open wide.

“Ippei……the usual… it……..”

“Wh, what?!”

Patty stares at us.

I know how you feel.

“Cleaning magic…..”


Un. I also misunderstood at first.

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