029. Weapons dance

We’ve hunted 97 skeletons.

We finish hunting in the 1st ward and return to the 5th ward on the 1st floor.

We’ll stay here tonight and leave the labyrinth tomorrow.

“Well then, let’s begin a review of our 1st expedition. Please look back and mention anything you noticed.”

“Ou! Ossan was useless.”

“Uuu, I am aware………”

“Jean that’s a little rude.”

“It’s the truth isn’t it?”

“All right. I’ll make proper countermeasures for the skeletons next time. However, Jean, didn’t you stop fighting in the 2nd half as well?”

“My sword edge got nicked partway through.”

If a battle is prolonged do weapons always suffer damage?

“I know that and I repaired it using blacksmithing, however, I might not be able to in the middle of battle.”

“That’s right. Do we have any spare weapons?”

“Only the kobolds swords we picked up.”

“Aah. Those are awful swords.”

“If we do a long expedition we will need spare weapons…..Okay, leave it to Ippei Onii-sama to make some weapons……..If I use holy water I can enchant them as well.”

“Are you serious?”

“Un. I made a knife with the holy attribute before but I sold it. Alright, I’ll prepare some weapons with the holy enchant before we come here again.”

“Is that okay?”

“It will be fine because Meg is like a cute little sister to me.”

“Is that okay?!”

Jean is a pain but I’ll make him one.

“Okay leave it to me. As compensation, I want the iron swords we picked up as it’s a pain to collect materials.”

Jean and Meg become very happy.

It’s worth making it.

Alright! Let’s get fired up!


“And I made this sword.”

In my room in the Sangarilla hotel, Patty lets out amazed voice as she swings around the holy sword.

“I never thought I’d be able to make something like this.”

“I feel an awesome power…..Is it really a holy sword?”

“Yeah thought its a degraded version. Since it’s made from ordinary steel it isn’t particularly durable. On the other hand though in compensation for the degraded holy enchant it has 596 attack power.”

“The attack power of the sword Ippei gave me is 127 so its roughly 5 times weaker…….The sharpness of this sword is amazing. Why is that?”

I can hear Patty getting angry.

“No, well, I added a vibration function using a demon stone. There’s a high-frequency vibration generator in the handle.”

“I don’t want to hear that!”

“No…..though he’s a pain Jean is a good person, it’s like having a stupid younger brother…..”

“Enough…..You’ve made it for Jean but keep it. Jean won’t benefit from this weapon at all.”

“I know……”

“If he comes to rely on such weapons from a young age it will kill his natural talent.”

“I know…..”

Patty gently taps the top of my head while I’m sitting there all depressed.

“So what did you prepare for Meg?”

“A normal mace…..”

“Show me.”

Patty’s voice is scary.

I slowly remove the cloth on the table.

“The material?”

“Normal steel….”

“Besides that?”


“Eh? What did you say?”

“A Saintsess hair.”

“Why do you have something like that?!”

Patty’s face is really scary.

“The saintess has come to Nepia from the royal capital.”

I’d heard that the church was sending her.

In Nepia on the day when the sunlight is at it’s shortest they have a festival similar to the winter solstice in Japan.

The saint was invited as a guest of honour for the [winter festival].

Amongst all the previous saints she’s famous as the 1st or 2nd most powerful user of saint magic.

“So I went to the Iestuldam cathedral to get some holy water but the saint showed up and began to give her blessing to believers as a surprise. I only wanted some holy water but I ended up in the line somehow……..”

“So you received the blessing of the saint?”

“Un. You have to kneel to receive her blessing. Looking down I saw a long hair and after using appraisal on it I saw it was the hair of a saint so I took advantage of the situation……”

“So you took it?”


“Haa. I was surprised. I thought you’d snuck into the saint bedroom.”

“I wouldn’t do such a thing! I’d be killed by the church knights!”

“So, whats the performance of Meg’s mace?”

“The saints seem to be directly blessed by God and some of that power is still in the hair. Because I enchanted it with the holy power I made something quite good. It’s a weapon specialised in fighting the undead.”

“How amazing is it?”

“If a skeleton is even grazed by it, it will be destroyed.  I think lich’s and demons will also be killed in 1 hit. It’s a shame it’s made from such poor materials and demon stones. If used on a powerful enemy it will break immediately.” (TN. So he wants to make power armour and he’s made a power/hyperphase sword and a daemon hammer? I’m waiting for a bolter now.)

“Haa….Ippei please do your best, but only within the bounds of common sense.”

“Stop talking to me like you’re telling off a silly child……..”

“I am telling off a silly child!”

She’s right. I’m reflecting.

“I understand. I’ll remake them but what should I do with these? Do you want them Patty?”

“Uuu, I’m tempted but I don’t need them. I’m still in the middle of training myself.”

“Then shall I give the sword to Bonnie-san?”

“……Who’s Bonnie-san?”

“One of my instructors from the beginner’s course.”

“Why are you on such good terms? Is your relationship so good you can give her a sword?” (TN. Just wife her already Ippei. You are basically married at this point.)

“Didn’t I tell you? After meeting her yesterday she guided us to the 2nd floor.”

“I see, he, hee……….Is she beautiful by any chance?”

“That’s right……at first glance she seems scary but she’s actually very kind. She’s a very beautiful woman when she takes her mask off and she gives off a mysterious vibe.”


“What’s wrong Patty?”

Patty is lost in thought.

“Next time you go I’ll come with you. I’ll guide you guys too!”

“But aren’t you going to the 4th level with [Angel Wing]?”

“Sometimes I have to go with Ippei. You are also trying hard.”

Did I make her worry again?

The 3 of us are still nervous about the 2nd floor and having Patty with us would be reassuring.

Is she possibly jealous of Bonnie-san?

“If it’s fine with you Patty then please accompany us.”

“Please leave it to me!”

Alright, I’ll remake the weapons for Jean and Meg and I need to take measures against the skeletons as well.



“I’m looking forward to it.”

Patty was a little surprised


She showed me her best smile that day.



Authors note.

I tried to introduce YK-sans idea of making a weapon for Meg.

I also made a weapon for Jean as Ippei has a character where he won’t play favourites and he actually thinks Jean is cheeky and adorable. Don’t worry the story won’t go down the BL route as spreading the story out that much would be impossible.

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  1. He’s so dense, it’s hilarious! This is what happens when someone in a white tower starts meddling with weapons: “And this one? This cute little beauty can destroy all matter in the universe! Isn’t that amazing? I was thinking of making two!”

  2. Jean was suddenly level up to a little bro… wtf lol. Or maybe it’s natural since he started off at same time as meg? I really like Bonnie a lot better though. She’s so cool.

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