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028. Destroyer formation

With Bonnie-san as our companion, our battle speed has improved dramatically. We moved to the 5th ward while quickly finishing our enemies.

The great thing about having Bonnie-san with us apart from her combat power is her ability to detect enemies. You could say it’s her special ability.

Her fighting style is an aggressive one where she appears from the darkness, attacks the enemy and fades into the darkness again. Just watching her gives me goosebumps.

As an enemy, I’d be scared but as an ally its reassuring.

Meg and Jeans levels rose steadily in proportion to the enemies killed.

Unfortunately, Gobu’s level hasn’t gone up due to the fact he’s always defending me so there’s no chance for him to attack.

“I’m sorry Gobu. Keeping you here defending me.”


I don’t know what he’s saying but his [uga] felt like it was said in a gentle voice.

Unlike the hummingbirds, Gobu’s level goes up with experience. I’ll have to think of a way for him to play an active role.


We passed right through the 4th ward and hoped to reach the stairs to the 2nd level by evening. We decided to camp in the 5th ward and descend to the 2nd level tomorrow.

A lot of adventurers were heading to the 2nd level so red cloth wrapped around handles was on every room we came across. It took us 5 minutes to finally find an empty room.

Our roost for the evening has been secured.

During our expedition, I prepared the food and Gobu helped set up the camp.

I take the time to teach Gobu things and once he understands the meaning he can act independently.

It all added to his experience value.

With the introduction of the hummingbirds, battle activity has decreased so Gobu now does the work that a porter would do.

I don’t even need to order him anymore. When I start preparation for cooking he gets the firewood out without being asked.

This is great. I really expect a lot out of Gobu in the future.

Meg and Jean also treat Gobu as a member of the team talking to him and whatnot.

I believe this is also adding to his growth.


Dinner was made using red boar meat than Bonnie-san had on her.

Because it was autumn the labyrinth was also getting colder so I decided a stew would be nice. While I started cooking Gobu peeled the vegetables.

Luckily since he’s made from wood if he fails he can’t cut his fingers though there is a little bit of damage.

When the time comes I can just replace the part of the arm that’s damaged.

He’s still a bit awkward but getting better.

The time will come when he can make everything by himself.

I’m looking forward to it.


After dinner, Bonnie-san called out to me.

“Ippei….do it….”

“Wh, what?”

“Cleaning magic.”

Please stop it. I’ll misunderstand you when you say it that way.

“Bonnie-san likes being clean.”

“I want to remove the smell. Removes signs…….”

I see. She wants to erase her smell to hide herself from the demons.

Kobolds have the face of a dog and also have a very good sense of smell.

I’m guessing there are many others as well with good senses of smell.

I carefully applied cleaning magic to Bonnie-san.

“Feeling….It was good…….”

Stop saying things that can be misunderstood!


We finally break through into the 2nd level today.

The stairs going down were about 3 meters wide. Lights powered by demon stones were attached to the stairwell so it was brightly illuminated.

Perhaps because it was so brightly lit I didn’t feel much tension or fear.

Us 3 newcomers headed down the stairs with guild card in hand.

Immediately after stepping off the last step the rank on our guild cards changed from [10th rank] to [9th rank].



“I did it!”

“Don’t neglect your surroundings……..” Bonnie-san rebukes us who are in high spirits.

However, I finally felt that I had become an adventurer so I couldn’t suppress my feelings. I do however take note of the warning.

“Like Bonnie-san says let’s feel a bit of tension.”

“Yes. Starting now!”

We gaze into the 2nd level that appears hazily from the stairwell lights.


The 2nd floor is like the 1st in that the walls and floor are made from stone.

It feels like its almost the same.

“2nd level 1st ward……..Check your map and confirm your location………”

We check our maps as Bonnie-san instructed us.


A sketch of the 2nd floor would be something like this.

【4th ward    】            【5th ward 】【6th ward 】【7th ward (stairs down) 】

【1st ward (stairs up) 】【2nd ward 】【3rd ward (River Styx) 】

Like the 1st floor, you can move from left to right and forward and backwards but not diagonally.


Our current location is the 1st ward 2nd level.

The most common route to get to the 3rd floor is to go through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd wards then up to the 6th and finally into the 7th ward.

Nobody uses any route to the 3rd level that doesn’t include the 3rd ward as the water from the Styx is drinkable.

“Today hunt around the 1st ward……….Get accustomed.”

With Bonnie-san leading us we start hunting.

The enemies of the 1st ward are skeletons. Lots of skeletons.

Me and skeletons have the worst compatibility.


The laser of Bari strikes a temple, Banpero hits a rib and Bola shot through a pelvis but the skeletons carry on.

Unusually I make a good shot and shoot a skeleton right between the eyes with the bullet passing cleanly through but the skeleton carries on.

They have no eyes so Hikaru-kun is useless.

Being undead they have to be broken into pieces to bring them down.

As expected the best suited to this place is Meg with her mace.

The skeletons are crushed with overwhelming power, completely smashed, destroyed.

Meg was showing her true worth.

“This place is well suited to me!”

Meg was in her element and had become very lively.

“Ossan your eyes are dead. Don’t worry about it. We don’t have much expectation for you in battle.”

A sudden notice that I’m not considered war potential!

I put so much effort into the hummingbird trio and they are useless here.

I wonder if there is compatibility? Can I make them a multi-support unit?


Skeletons drop G and H rank demon stones.

“Oh. This is a good hunting place. Let’s hunt here for a while.”

Jean, if we stop here I don’t have a position.

“Let’s do it. I’ll do my best!”

Meg is also motivated.

I can’t object to them.

As for the skeletons their movement is slow so should I arm Gobu with a club and send him in to get experience with close quarters combat?

I’ll hide behind his shield while I send him in.


I collected the skeletons swords and used material refining to make ingots out of them. I then used blacksmithing to make a mace for Gobu out of the ingots.

It was all metal with a spiked head.

“Gobu, please listen a minute.”


It was break time and Gobu was being taught how to use a mace by Meg who was very enthusiastic about the subject.

The battle formation is now 2 at the front.

Later on, this would be seen as the birth of the [Phoenix companies] feared destroyer formation.

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