027. New tactics

The lantern type golem Hikaru-kun measures 30cm high including his hands and feet. He’s pretty cute when he runs with his arms and feet moving fast and because he’s small the monsters don’t see him as a threat which is what I was hoping.

The kobolds were looking down on Hikaru-kun as he approached them *totetote*

Just as they raised their swords to destroy him.

Hikaru-kun used flash. (TN. Must resist bad pokemon joke)

The monsters whose eyes were used to the dark labyrinth were completely blinded.

“Now! Bari, Banpero, Bola! Go!”

The hummingbird type golems that were sitting on both of Gobu’s shoulders and head flew off at a great speed.

They quickly flew behind the kobolds and shot 9 lasers into their backs and sides.

7 kobolds fell down dead from their attack.

“Fuhahahahaha! Is my army not overwhelming!”

Jean and Meg are watching me amazed.

“That’s absurd ossan.”


“Yeah well, they can only leave me for 3 minutes and each one can only fire 3 lasers before they run out of magic. They have to come back to me then for at least 10 seconds to recharge.”

10 seconds in battle is quite a long time.

“In other words, it’s a quick but decisive battle type.”

“Yeah, I guess so. This time I used Hikaru-kun to provide a surprise attack, but if there is a lot of enemies both of you will have to work hard if I can’t defeat them all.”

“Understood. But if Hikaru-kun is able to blind our enemies it will really help when we attack.”

“Indeed. Because the enemies vision has been robbed even if the hummingbirds are unable to defeat them you two will be able to step in and annihilate them.”


Using this tactic we were piling up easy victories.

Kobolds only give I rank demon stones but after only 3 hours we had gotten 13 demon stones. Also, the kobolds iron swords are a purchasable material though they don’t sell for much.

Because one of the kobolds was using a bow I ordered the hummingbirds to hide behind Gobu’s shield but all things considered, we were off to a really smooth start.


When lunchtime came around we secured a small room and counted our loot.

“13 I rank demon stones which have a purchase price of 500 rims each. Calculate it and see what we have.”

Jeans uses some burnt wood from the fire and writes the figures down on the floor.

“Let’s see. 13 stones at 500 rims is…………6500 rims!”

“Correct. We also have 8 iron swords from the kobolds which are worth 100 rims each.”

“Then we have 6500 rims and 800 rims so is that 7300 rims in total?”

“It is indeed.”

“As expected, it’s much more profitable than being a porter.”

“Yeah. I don’t know what free materials I can bring back with me though. I want to bring as many things as possible back home with me.”

Some things are not useful though. Because bronze swords are not bought the are thrown away and wooden shields are only good for breaking into firewood.


Lunch was a cheese and ham baguette, salad with sliced turnip tossed with salt, vinegar and olive oil, an apple and tea.

Meg and Jean are still in their growing period so I try and give them a balanced meal as much as possible.

Speaking of growing periods all our member’s levels are growing except for mine.

Jean became level 14 and Meg was level 12.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous but I’m very happy for them.

We’ll advance towards the middle of the 4th ward this afternoon.


There was a rattle of armour and a light shone weakly around the corner.

Dimming my own light I approached the corner.

Is it a demon or an adventurer? I don’t know.

Using a mirror I look around the corner.

Demons called evil apes were building a fire. The corridor ended in a dome-shaped room which the apes were in.

Evil apes are a demon that is harder to fight compared to goblins and kobolds due to them being more alert and agile.


“How many are there?” I ask Jean who has the best eyesight in our group.

“16 of them. Do we do it?”

“That so…… I’ll make a surprise attack with the hummingbirds, then I’ll send in Hikaru-kun to blind them. After that, I’ll shoot at them and use up all my bullets to reduce their numbers further. Finally, you two assault them and finish them off. Everyone okay with that?”

“That’s fine but at that distance your shooting cant be relied upon ossan.”

“That’s okay we still have 2 people.” (M)

“I’ll make sure no enemies enter your blind spot.” (I)

“I hate being surrounded. Please do.” (M)

“Make sure not to hit us”(J)

“I know that. I won’t hit you……..”(I)

“It feels more dangerous than before!”(J)

Yes, I’m reflecting. Though I’ve gotten very used to protecting the rear I still need more training.

“Ossan, give priority to charging the hummingbirds and sending them back out over shooting.”

“Okay. Let’s go!”


The hummingbirds flew off Gobu’s body and attacked the evil apes quickly killing 9 of them, causing the apes to fall into confusion as they could not see where they were being attacked from.

Catching sight of the hummingbirds returning they let out a great roar and started charging towards us.

The apes couldn’t know that the lantern that appeared in front of them was a golem.

Hikaru-kun emits his light and I fire

*Zubabaa!* *Zubabaa!* *Zubabaa!* *Zubabaa!* *Zubabaa!* *Basuu!*

I fired five times using the 3 round burst mode and once with a single shot.

2 apes collapsed.

…….Meg’s prediction was right on the mark! (TN. It was Jean that said that though as he’s the only one who calls Ippei ossan. Guess the author put the wrong name.)

Even though I didn’t kill anymore I have injured some as well.

Hikaru-kun let out another flash before Meg and Jean jumped out and attacked the surviving apes.

The blinded apes stood no chance against Meg and Jean.

Umu. It’s an easy victory this time.

While I’m confirming the end of the battle and reloading my guns a hand is suddenly placed on my shoulder.

“You seem to be fighting well.”

My heart freezes like cold water has been thrown on my body.

Quickly looking back I was surprised to see Bonnie who was one of our instructors from the training course standing there.

“Please don’t scare me Bonnie-san.”


Bonnie-san has scary eyes but she’s actually a kind person.

During the training course, she acted as our scout and always paid attention to our safety.

It was also Bonnie-san who encouraged me when I had lost my nerve though she said very little.

She seems to be scouting today as she’s dressed in black like a ninja and carrying a narrow sword like a katana on her back.

She’s also got the lower half of her face covered as well.

She’s got pale skin probably from spending so much time in the labyrinth and seems like a ghost with her raven black hair.

“Bird golems…..It’s a good attack. Even I might lose if I saw them for the first time. But I’ve already seen them…….”

What was that [bring it on] look? Is she challenging me or something?

Is that smile saying I’ll crush you?

I won’t do it.

“Is Lot-san and Clyde-san not with you today?”

“Only for workshop………Not a party……..”

So they were just grouped up by chance as instructors for the training course?

“Is that so? Are you hunting solo?”

“I’m always solo…….”

This person works by herself while occasionally working with others? She’s like an artist or something.


“It that Bonnie-san!”

Jean and Meg have returned.

“Everyone seems to be doing well……..”

“We’re still only on the 1st floor but the [phoenix company] has only just begun!”

Why did you call out the name Jean? It’s a bit embarrassing………

“[Phoenix company] is a good name……..”

It’s a good name.

“You guys would be okay on the 2nd floor. Should I guide you……?”

It was a sudden offer but an attractive one. We’ve got food and water to spare and the veteran Bonnie-san to guide us.

There was no reason for us to refuse.

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  1. So, if he can make bird golems that shoot mana powered lasers….why wouldn’t he just make a handgun or rifle that shoots mana powered lasers?

    Or…y’know…make a shotgun instead of some terrible handguns he can’t aim with anyway? His whole “I don’t have access to materials” seems kind of lame in the face of the fact that he’s 3 steps removed from the king of this country. Also, he apparently got mithril somewhere for the birds…

    • For the guns how the author explains it anything beyond a handgun requires demon stones you can’t buy and though a shotgun would be perfect for him I don’t think he can make one for that reason. He probably could convert his handgun but it’s his low aiming skill that makes him miss so a laser handgun would make no difference.

      With his access to materials thing, I haven’t read ahead but it feels like the author is setting up a king meeting/access to materials further down the road arc. He will probably make a new item or drug and get an invite to the capital.

  2. I don’t know if the story has mentioned or not yet but does he get experience for what his golems kill? Because if not that really sucks for him since that’s where most of his power is but if it does that would be very helpful to him cuz he might actually have a chance of leveling up sometime within the next decade

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