026. Coming out

Now I’ve got a new home I’m going to dive into the labyrinth again.

Since Patty had already declared she’d buy the furniture I’ve left her to it.

Jenny-san has been chosen this time it seems.

I told Jenny-san about my new home or [our secret base] as it now seems to be called. Whatever, it’s all good.

I’m joining Meg and Jean today. It’s our first meeting since we split up 4 days ago so we intend to plan our future.

While I was looking for a new home Jean and Meg had gone to the labyrinth as porters.

If this carries on there will be a difference between us as adventurers.

Saying that it’s not like I was playing all the time either.

Yesterday I developed new golems to expand my offensive options.

Do you know of a bird called the hummingbird?

It’s a small bird with a beautiful blue colouring weighing about 220g. They flap their wings anything from 55 to 80 times a second and can hover in the air.

My newest golems were made to imitate hummingbirds.

20cm in length and made from thin mithril plate which struck the best balance between strength and weight.

I used 3 G class demon stones making 3 of the hummingbird type golem.



[Name] Bari, Banpero, Bola

[Age] 0

[Lv] –

[HP] 3/3

[MP] Generator for movement 150/150

Generator for offence 300/300

[Attack] 167

[Defence] 0

[Physical strength] 2

[Intellect] 10

[Agility] 227

[Notes] semi-autonomous type golem. 50MP a minute is required for action. MP may be charged up to 150. It will lose the ability to function if separated from its master for more than 3 minutes. If within a 1-meter radius of its master it can rapidly charge up its MP. It is equipped with a laser. Light magic is fired from the beak which acts as an amplifier converting it into a laser. 2 generators are needed, 1 for offence and 1 for movement. [MP] 300 for 3 lasers. All 3 bodies can communicate with each other.

[Experience to next level] – (Cannot level up)


As you can see it’s a golem with an emphasis on mobility.

My design philosophy comes from a weapon called funnel which appears in a certain national robot anime. (TN. Don’t know my mecha at all so I had to look it up. It’s Gundam (scroll down to funnel) for those like me that don’t know.)

The funnel is a remotely operated weapon operated by the user’s thoughts. It is capable of high-speed manoeuvres and can attack from any direction.

My golems are really similar to funnels though they can move independently.

All I have to do is designate an enemy and the golems think and attack by themselves.

I chose to do it that way as I’m not a new type and there’s no way I’m skilful enough to operate multiple turrets at the same time.

As I’ve mentioned before, the amount of golems I can use is equal to 20 demon stones worth.

Gobu has 10, Bari, Banpero and Bola have 3 each so that’s 9 meaning I’ve used 19 demon stones in my golems.

Since I had 1 left I made Hikaru-kun golem. (TN. Hikaru means to shine/be bright)

It’s a lantern that has grown hands and feet so it can walk along lighting my way so I don’t have to hold a lantern anymore.

Though its simple its very useful.

Hikaru-kun doesn’t have any weapons, instead, I equipped him with a flash function like cameras have. I made the flash much more intense than one in a camera though. It’s simple but in the dark labyrinth its useful to blind attackers.

I also modified my handguns by adding torches to them and turned 5 I rank demon stones into grenades by applying fire magic to them.

With this my offence is complete but my defence is lacking.

I wanted to make a small armoured car for security but the tunnels are narrow and it would be difficult to operate. Not to mention it would require an E rank demon stone to work.

It’s still in the future but I’d like to make myself some power armour eventually. (TN. FOR THE EMPEROR!)


“Oi, Ossan! Over here!”

When I got to the meeting place in the plaza, Jean was jumping up and down catching everyone’s attention.

The monkey is noisy as usual.

Ah, Meg’s hit Jean with her mace handle.

“Jean, you should be ashamed.”


“I see you 2 have become friends.”

“Where? With who?”

You can see they are on good terms with each other as they bicker.

“Hello Ippei-san. Did you find a house?”

“Hi Meg. I found a good place yesterday. I plan to move in 2 weeks.”

“That’s good. Then do you have any issue with going to the labyrinth tomorrow?”

“None at all. I’m ready to go.”

Jean becomes excited all of a sudden.

“All right! It’s finally time to activate our party. Until now all my earnings depended on my hard work as a porter!”

That’s right. Until now, no matter how hard you worked you would only get a fixed amount as a porter, however, when going in as a party you earn money for yourself.

Because it’s only the 1st floor the demon stones and materials are not very good but I can understand his feelings and the dream will grow.

“Let’s do it Jean. Let’s aim for the 10th level.”

“Oh. Let’s do it!”

“I’m excited. Let’s have fun tomorrow.”

We decided to hunt in the 5th ward for 2 nights and 3 days.

I’ve never been to the 5th ward but Jean and Meg have just returned from there.

I’ll trust in my companions.

There’s no water in the 1st and 5th wards but that’s not an issue with my life magic.

Of course, we will keep some water spare just in case.

We decided on 2000 rim per person to buy food, firewood, bandages etc.

I purchased an accounts book and intend to study up on accounting.

“I can’t do accounts.”

“Let’s learn together.”

“That’s right Jean, we’ll teach you. Do your best.”

Jean can read and write so we will manage somehow.



While buying medical supplies I told the 2 of them about myself.

“Actually I’m also a pharmacist. I can create life potions so you don’t need to buy medicine.”



“Remember that potion I used the other day in the 6th ward? I made that.”

“It was incredibly effective!”

“I’ve asked before but why does Ippei-san want to be an adventurer?…….”

“And another thing. I can use recovery magic as well so don’t hesitate to ask me if you get hurt.”

“Wh!! I want to ask myself. Why are you working as an adventurer ossan?”

“Because I want to go on adventures.”

Jean looked at me with a surprised face.

“….I understand somehow.”

Meg didn’t look satisfied with my answer but Jean seemed to understand.

With that statement, I had told these people most of my secrets.

It felt good to tell them as I was struggling keeping the secret from them.

The only thing I haven’t told them about is the body strengthening potion (x10).

It doesn’t have much of an effect on someone like me with such low values but if someone with ability drinks it they would gain monster like strength.

When I let Patty have one is a prime example.

Its existence is almost unknown but its the kind of thing that could start wars if it starts being produced.

Only this will I keep a secret.

My contributions that I will spread around the world are the Beiappoi special and hair growth tonic both of which are fine.

ED medicine and a hair restorer won’t start wars.

………They shouldn’t right?

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