025. New home

Me and Patty went to the town looking at properties.

I have about 5 million rim in cash. That means renting won’t be an issue but buying a house is still impossible.

I’d like a detached house if possible.

When I was on earth my parent’s house was in a housing complex and after I started working I rented an apartment.

I long for a detached house.

“So what kind of property are you after?”

“A house with a good storeroom for my materials as well as a bedroom and kitchen.”

Patty looks disappointed.

“Isn’t a living room necessary for when guests come? I want a sofa I can relax in. You need a dining room to eat in as well. One big enough that at least 2 people can eat there.”


“It should have 2 bedrooms. A room for me when I stay over…..that…..you won’t be allowed to enter.”

I see she’s going to use my house as she pleases.

“It feels like a lot of that list includes your desires. Isn’t it my house?”

“Isn’t that fine? I’ve wanted a secret base for a long time! Anyway, aren’t you after a detached house? Won’t it have a spare room anyway?”

Is that so?

“I’ll get some money out and buy the furniture and curtains. Please let me use it too.”

Is decorating rooms her hobby……..?

I can’t refuse her. She’s looking at me with such sparkling eyes.

I’m weak to pressure.

“Fine, I get it.  I can’t afford a too expensive place though.”

“I know that but didn’t you have a 1 million rim a month contract with the hotel? You can rent a really good house for 1 million rim a month.”

“I don’t need to go that far. About 200,000 rim is my limit. Well, I’ll think about it while we are looking at properties.”

“I understand. Aah, I want a garden as well……. Should I call Jenny and we can think on it together…..?”

Patty has wondered into her own world and is saying selfish things.

She seems to be enjoying interior decorating in her delusions.

Sometimes words come out like [sofa] [curtains].

I can hear you.

Saying that, I’m not bothered about such things so it’s easier if Patty does it. Patty has a better sense of style than me anyway.

It feels like we are a newlywed couple doing this.

Un. Waking up in the morning to Patty preparing breakfast.

Her figure in that apron is very cute.

To say nothing of what’s under the apron…….

I also wondered off into my own delusion.


Getting to the real estate agent Patty tells the requirements to the person in charge.

“A detached house with a garden. As for the room arrangement I want to see a 3LDK or bigger with a bathroom and a storeroom.” (TN. For those that don’t know a 3LDK would be a house with 3 bedrooms as well as a living/dining room and kitchen.)

“Certainly. What’s your budget?”

I had thought 200,00 rims would do but the conditions are a lot more now.

“About 300,000 rims a month….”

Patty looks away.

Oh well. Thanks to the Beiappoi special I’ve got an income of 3 million rim a month for now.

I wouldn’t be able to do it on an adventurers income.

The other day I earned 20,000 rim as a porter for 4 nights and 5 days.

In the future working as a party member and not a porter I might earn more, however, due to us being new only a portion of the 1st floor is relatively safe for us.

Alongside being a porter I’ll have to work on my skills as well.

Thinking logically about it my income will depend on my production skills and not my porter income.

If I can someday acquire demon stones higher than F rank I may be able to live off the money earnt as an adventurer though.

That was the current aim of [phoenix company].


We were shown a number of properties but none were any good.

I”m not talking about me though. It’s Patty.

“This place doesn’t get enough sun.”

“Anywhere’s good. How about here?”

“It’s my principle to not compromise on weapons, armour and property!”

You don’t need to say it in such high spirits.

“I don’t need a luxury property. Just choose the best one that matches the conditions.  Hey, let’s go to the next house and stop complaining.”

Sighing I secretly applied recovery magic to myself.

After lunch, we visited 3 real estate agents and viewed 7 houses. The day ended with Patty not finding a single property she liked.


We were both exhausted and currently sitting on the sofa in my hotel room.

“I’m tired…..” I said aloud unintentionally.

“Hey Patty, won’t you compromise a bit more?”


That was short. Why do you care so much?

Suddenly feeling a weight on my shoulder I looked over and saw Patty had fallen asleep beside me.

Why did you work so hard it made you this tired…….?

I finally realised it. She’s trying so hard for me. Though it’s also for herself…….

“Thank you Patty.”

There’s no reply.

Only the sound of a sleeping person comes back to me.

Patty’s warmth is transmitted through my left shoulder. It feels like it’s spreading through my whole body.

The autumn light gently darkens in the room.

I’m a bit sleepy myself.

I closed my eyes while feeling the comfortable weight of Patty on my shoulder.


“Ok, I’ll do my best looking for a house today!”

Patty is in high spirits first thing in the morning.

I hope we find a good property today.

As it stands we’ll just have to go around all the real estate agents in Nepia.

I only had one real wish and that was for the house to be within a 30-minute walk of the labyrinth.


The house was 20 minutes walk away from the labyrinth.

It’s a 2 story stone house with a single chimney. It was rectangular in shape with the shorter side facing the street which was where the entrance was located. The facade facing the street featured a high arch where large 3-meter high iron gates were located. The iron gates were in a lattice pattern.

The door featured a good trick. The iron latticework was made in such a way that people could not see in but you could see out. Also, you didn’t have to open the entire huge door. A little door in the middle could be opened for a person to go in and out.

You have to go up 5 steps to enter and after passing through a pair of interior double doors you enter the entrance hall.

The onii-san real estate agent told us in summer you could lock the iron gates and leave the inner double doors open to allow the wind in and due to the trick of the latticework your privacy was still maintained.

To the right of the entrance hall is the stairs to the 2nd floor and to the left is a corridor leading further into the house.

Leading off the corridor is the living room, kitchen, dining room and toilet. There was also a staircase to the semi-basement that had been designed to not be noticeable on the right-hand side of the entrance hall.

The semi-basement is just below ground level and on the wall near the ceiling is a window that would be on the ground level if viewed from outside.

Right at the back of the house was a storeroom which would be perfect as a workshop.

Upstairs are 3 rooms and another bathroom with the bath made from white marble.

There isn’t a garden but there is a space for a carriage next to the house.

“I like it here Patty.”

I can’t imagine finding a better place than this. I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something about this house that attracts me.

“I have no complaints either.”

Patty seems convinced.

“Yes. I take pride in this property and its perfect for a young couple. Even when a child is born there’s still a spare room.”

Patty blushes at the real estate agent onii-sans words.

“I’m still young. I don’t want children yet!”

Though he was just making a joke Patty pushed him away. Luckily Gobu caught him or he would have hit his head.

Thank you Gobu.

Gobu seems to be learning.

Is it only me that’s not learning?

The rent was a little over budget at 320,000 rims.

I should develop some new items and sell them to viscount Cherrycoke.

I’ll have a think on it.

In this way, I established my new base in the city of Nepia.

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