024. After the campaign

Duma is a small restaurant 1 block away from the Sangarila hotel.  The owner is also the chef who runs it alongside his wife and daughter.

They don’t deal with high-grade ingredients but instead offer delicious and elaborate dishes.

You’ll pay a bit more than a standard restaurant but if you eat there you’ll understand why.

It’s a nice mix of casual and high-quality. It’s my favourite restaurant.

Tonight me, Jean and Meg are eating here as my treat as I promised in the labyrinth.

“Everything seems delicious. I don’t know what to pick.”

“It does, especially the desserts! Should I have the [ice cream with fig compote] or the [pear tarte]…….”

“The tarte tatin here is also delicious Meg.”

“Enough already. Please don’t confuse me anymore.”

Meg starts sulking cutely.

We all ordered our appetisers, mains and desserts and sat back to wait.

“If you want more just say. It’s my treat as I promised.”



Tonight lets eat, drink and share the joy of living.

We toasted our safe return.

“Thinking about it we did well to survive.”

Me and Meg nod at Jean’s words.

“That’s right. Me, Ippei, Jean and Gobu. It was a good party wasn’t it?”

“Aah. Because we were trained in formations, cooperation and fighting we ended up in pretty good shape.”

“That’s it! Were in good form.”

“………….! By any chance are you…….?”

“That’s right. Let’s form our own party!”

“I was thinking that as well!”

Un. They are both getting excited.

Please wait. There’s something I need to tell them both.

“Please wait. I’m happy that you are both considering it but there’s something I have to tell you.”

“What is it….?”

Yeah, I need to be honest with these people.

How weak I am.

“It’s my status. Only decide after you have carefully listened to what I have to say. I won’t be hurt if you decide not to after this. Our relationship will be the same as always.”

They both remain quiet.

“Please don’t tell anyone but my status is incredibly low. I’m still level 1 and it’s not likely to go up any time soon. My HP is 80. My MP is high but I cannot use attack magic at all. My basic attack is 30, physical strength is 40 and agility is 50.” (TN. Not being completely truthful as those are his buffed stats)

I pause and look at their faces.

“Fortunately I have the ability to make weapons and golems. I made my guns and Gobu but remove them and I’m terribly weak…..that’s the reality of it.”

“Ossan…… I knew your status was low.”

“That’s right. We fought together after all. Your shooting is weak, you’re slow and you’re useless at close quarters fighting. I saw it all with my own eyes.”

Meg-chan is merciless.

“That’s right. We want to make a party knowing this. We are not inviting you out of pity ossan. Ossan is an adventurer that’s good at problem-solving. We won’t kick you out for being poor in battle.”

“Yes. Just a constant effort is needed!”

Good grief……These kids have sharp tongues. Sharp tongues but they are kind…..tears are coming out.

“Ah, no. Please don’t cry Ippei-san. We weren’t making fun of you!”

“I know that Meg.”

The chef puts a bottle of wine on the table suddenly.


“It’s the formation of a new party. Alcohol is needed.”

That’s right.

We had our second celebration of the day.


After that, it became complicated trying to name our party.

2 hours later it’s no exaggeration to say that nearly every name has been considered.

My names were [Miyata-Ippei Expedition Party] [Orange Investigation Team] and [Eagles Claw Company]. All were rejected.

After that came Meg’s name which was [Phoenix Company].

To the 27-year-old me it was a bit embarrassing but Meg and Jean liked it. (TN. Eagles Claw wasn’t embarrassing?)

“That’s good Meg!”

“I know right! We were born from the desperate situation in the labyrinth so I felt phoenix was appropriate for us.”

Is this a generation gap thing? Maybe it’s cool in this world?

“Alright. From this day forward we are the [phoenix company]! Isn’t that great ossan.”

“O, Ou….”

After all, it’s embarrassing when its repeated.

Because they are both so excited I won’t oppose them.

[We are the phoenix company! We have come to rescue you.] doesn’t sound too bad I guess but [this is the phoenix company. We are requesting immediate rescue] would be so sad I would laugh.

If a group called phoenix died it would inevitably become a joke.

Because I’m in the group there’s a high chance it might become so.

“Then we are the [phoenix company.]”


Even Gobu is happy.

Alright…….we are the [phoenix company].


The day after forming [phoenix company] I decided to leave the hotel.

Even though it’s a spacious room of 50m² it will become cramped as I collect more items.

Materials from the labyrinth, equipment and the clothes I bought are beginning to clutter up the room a little.

I could move to the suite of rooms but at 100,000 rims per night, I can’t justify it.

I’m really comfortable here but I feel I have no choice but to leave the hotel.

Because I signed up for another month I still have 3 weeks left before I have to check out. That’s plenty of time to search for a property and buy some furniture.

I was considering moving out early.

“Leave it to me.” Patty said. She had stopped by for a visit and was being enthusiastic about it for some reason.

“Aren’t you going to the labyrinth?”

“I just came back yesterday so I’ll take a rest for a while. Jenny is also busy.”

Jenny-san was a childhood friend of Patty who’s real name was Eugenie Ambassador and she was the daughter of Count Ambassador.

With blonde hair and porcelain white skin, she looked every inch the young noble.

Ever since they were young this pair loved stories of heroes and adventure.

It seems many aristocrats children were like this. Eventually though they became adults and along with their peers accepted their reality and became proper aristocrats. Not those 2 though.

In the end, they registered as adventurers behind their parent’s backs. They formed a women-only party called [Angel wing]. They seem to be well known and have a reputation for bravery.

“Eugenie-san is a beautiful woman. Her skill with the rapier is amazing.”

“Indeed. Is Jenny Ippei’s type?”

Patty causally throws it out there.

Jenny-san seems to be the opposite of Patty.

Patty is a passionate beautiful woman while Jenny is a so-called cool beauty.

When they fight Patty’s speciality is to read the heart of her enemy and attack [ahead of time]. Jenny dodges her opponent’s techniques and decides her attack based on that [after the 1st move].

Their fighting style matches their personalities perfectly.


“What are you troubled by! You should choose me immediately!”

They are best friends and for that reason, they are also rivals.

“Oi oi…… Rivalry is good but don’t involve me.”

“You don’t understand Ippei. Girls become a little bit more stylish if they are praised.”

She’s said a difficult thing.

I understand her words but I’m a Japanese man. The correct words won’t come out.

An Italian person would be amazing at this.

“I understand but I’m not a poet. I don’t know how to offer good praise.”

“You’re a real idiot. Patty is my number one. That’s enough.”

I see. Nice and simple.

“Patty is my number one.”

“….are you mocking me?”

This is really difficult.

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