020. In a peaceful moment

Yesterday a message arrived from the Cherrycoke family again.

This time it was from Patty’s mom. It seems she wants a skincare set like the one I gave Patty.

I still have some in stock since I made a number of them.

I’ll have Mellisa-san send it.

I also had a polite thank you letter from Onkel-san along with an assortment of chocolates. Apparently, they are from a famous chocolatier in Nepia and are very hard to get a hold of.

They do good work.

I found my hand reaching out for another one which would be my 4th. The flavours of the kirsch and the ganache worked very well in that one.

I’d like to eat these again. I’ll ask Melissa-san how to get my hands on some.

I’ll deliver another Beiappoi to Onkel-san next month.


As I was writing a letter regarding the skincare set Patty came over.

“Oh, aren’t those Deburu chocolates?” (TN. Deburu is slang for getting fat)

“Do you want some Patty?”

“Thank you. It’s hard to get these as demand outstrips supply. You did well.”

“Onkel-san gave them to me.”

“Onkel did?……….Aah! Of course. His hair grew back thanks to Ippei after all.”

“As you say. It’s a thank you from him.”

I write down Patty’s coffee order and send Gobu down to the front desk with the note.

Every time his level goes up his [intelligence] rises as well. He’s starting to be able to do various things and is getting better at them.

Gobu’s real name is [Gobu 1].

In all honesty, I had planned to mass produce Gobu and make my own small army.

The plan was to have 20 of them line up with crossbows and fire together, however, after experimenting I found I can only control golems up to 20 demon stones. Gobu uses 10 G rank demon stones already so I only have another 10 pieces to use.

If I want to make another golem with the same performance as Gobu I can only make one more.

A single higher rank demon stone has the same output as 10 G rank stones. The method of getting anything above an F rank still eludes me.

I need to look into the future of golems but I’ll do that after I’ve been a porter for a while.


Gobu came back with a tray containing a cup for Patty and a jug of coffee for a refill.

“Gobu. Gently put the cup down in front of Patty.”

Very slowly he places it in front of Patty.

“That’s amazing Gobu! Thank you!”


Gobu gives a happy reply.

When he tried to pour my refill from the jug he failed and spilt a bit but I’m sure with a bit of practice he will master it.

His shooting skill goes up faster than mine after all.


“Is this about the skin care set? I’ve already prepared it for the Viscountess.”

“I’m sorry for being selfish but I want to give one to onee-sama as well……. Can I have another one?”

“I don’t mind. I made quite a lot.”

I give 2 sets to Patty.

“That reminds me, didn’t you go to the labyrinth yesterday?”

“Aah. I went to the 3rd ward.”

I told her about my exploration and [sand of the star].

“Oh. There are people that hunt the gold bug like that?”

“Yeah, though thanks to that there was little danger.”

“I hate fighting gold bugs. When you strike them with your weapon it really hurts your arm.”

Reaching over Patty had her 2nd chocolate. Due to her being an active adventurer she doesn’t carry a single ounce of unnecessary weight on her.

Her chest is large but her waist it tight. She wouldn’t have a single issue even if she ate 4 or 5 chocolates.

“Where are you looking?”

It seems my glance was spotted.

“N, no. I was just thinking that your figure is good.”


Gobu, you don’t have to agree.

“What’s with that. I don’t want to be looked at with lewd eyes.”

Speaking on behalf of the 1 billion men on the planet let me just say that’s impossible.

“I don’t mean it like that. I mean its well trained and forged from being an adventurer.”

I’ll just lie for now.

“Aren’t you going into the labyrinth today?”

Lets forcibly change the topic.

“No. Tomorrow is Marquis Cork’s birthday party. I have to attend to save face for my father.”

“I guess being the daughter of a viscount is hard. Do you feel more happy and carefree in the labyrinth?”

“Yeah……though it’s also good too….”

“Good too?”

“It’s nothing!”

“What’s with that……”

(It’s also good too. I was happy all the time I travelled with you from Estella lake.) (TN. Patty thinks this)

Patty blushed and looked down.

Perhaps she can’t say it out loud. Perhaps it’s a shameful pleasure?

I can’t be called an adult male if I pry too deeply here.

Surrounded by the smell of coffee and chocolate we pass a relaxing time. After all, I have the cute Patty here with me.

Someday, I will be an adventurer that can stand beside her.

Today I earnestly thought this.


After Patty went home I went to the labyrinth gates.

My purpose was the huge bulletin board in front of the gates.

Porters may be recruited directly on the day or in advance from this board, however, due to low literacy rates, there is less recruitment from this board.

As I am terrible at selling myself it’s probably better to choose from the board.

As usual, due to my poor defence, I give up on going deeper into the labyrinth.

Life is important. That’s my motto.

I looked at recruitment for the 4th to 6th wards as I have not been there yet.

The structure of the labyrinth is something like


【4th ward        】 【5th ward (stairs to the 2nd level)】【6th ward 】

【1st ward (entrance)】【2nd ward (Levi’s fountain)            】【3rd ward 】


Roughly speaking the 1st level is like this.

You can move forward and backwards and left to right but you can’t go diagonally.

For example, to get to the 5th ward you can go from the 1st ward to the 2nd then on to the 5th. You can also get to the 5th ward via the 4th.

Most people go to the 5th ward via the 2nd ward due to the water in the 2nd ward.

Not many parties go to the 4th and 6th wards due to how far away from a water supply they are though that does not mean they are empty. Some people go to these wards when the other wards are particularly busy.

“Is that you ossan?”

A familiar rude voice rings out.

“My oh my,  if it isn’t the monkey Jean.”

Turning around there stood Jean from the beginner’s course.

“What? You came to check out the recruitment board?”

“Oh, you as well?”

Jean puffed out his chest and wriggled his nose a little while putting on an air of superiority.

“Fu. I’ll always be ahead of you. You came to look at porter recruitment posters but I came to put up a recruitment poster!”


“Fufufu. I was asked by my party to put up this poster asking for porters.”

“……..You’re talking big but aren’t you just a gofer?”

“Well, I guess so”

It’s the same Jean as ever.

“Well? Whats the recruitment offer?”

“Because hardly anybody goes to the 6th ward the demons numbers are growing and they are getting excited. The kingdom has requested a subjugation corp be assembled. It’s a large scale assault of over 50 people. 40 porters need to be recruited.”

“Hou, 4 nights in the 6th ward.”

“Indeed. Also, it says 4 nights it could be 5 nights. Megs going as well. If you want to go ossan let me know. I’ll use my influence and get you in. How about it?”

It’s not bad.

I wanted to go to the 6th ward and since it’s a large team there will be little danger.

It’s annoying to have to owe Jean one but I decided to agree.

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