019. Gold bug

It’s now the 2nd day and we are hunting in the 3rd ward of the 1st floor.

The ceiling of the 3rd ward emits a faint light while an ivy-like plant grows on the walls.

Our target here is a huge scarab beetle measuring 80cm long called [gold bug].

It’s impossible for the members of [sand of the star] to damage the beetle due to its hard shell so they plan to feed it poison made from the boiled flower petals of the Camadobara plant.

“With this method, you don’t have to fight so sand of the star use this as our hunting grounds. It’s also a plus that this area is unpopular with other adventurers.”

According to Saul-san, the gold bug is unpopular with adventurers due to its hard shell and the difficulty in removing its parts.

On the other hand, the gold bugs always drop a H rank demon stone which is rare to find on the 1st floor. On rare occasions, even G rank stones can come out.

“The camadobara poison is my own secret recipe that I developed.”

The usually unconfident Saul-san was proud a little.


I quietly move into the plaza and place the container with the poisoned bait in it.

Taking the lid off the container a sweet smell spreads out.

I quickly retreat to a small room we had secured beforehand.

“Is it the smell that tempts them?” I as Saul-san as I start making tea.

“It is. Usually, about 30 of them come. If you put down more poison even more of them will turn up. As soon as we leave this room as long as none of the bugs are still alive we will have to put the lid on the container immediately. If you leave the lid off, the bugs will keep coming until the bait is gone. ”

The probability of a demon stone appearing in the labyrinth is 10% so you are looking at about 3 stones in 30 demons.

We pass the time quietly.

Throughout the day we repeat this in 12 different places defeating 456 gold bugs and obtaining 49 demon stones.

Apparently, that’s a bit more than usual.

Because the demon is killed with poison, you don’t get any exp as you weren’t the one to kill it, but its a safe a reliable method of earning money.

There are many different types of parties it seems.


The huge buying counters are lined up by the exit gates.

Behind them is a huge warehouse that looks like a market.

The demon stone total of [sand of the star] this time around is 75 stones consisting of 26 I rank, 47 H rank and 2 G rank.

The purchase price is 500 rims, 800 rims and 1500 rims coming in at 53600 rims total.

Materials earned us another 14300 rims giving us a grand total of 67900 rims.

Me and Rita received 3000 rims each.

Possibly feeling a bit guilty Saul-san treated us to dinner.

A number of restaurants are lined up next to the gate.

After picking one all 5 of us went in and ordered 5 of the daily specials.

A large dish about the size of a washbowl came out filled with gratin and another came out filled with macaroni.

It’s a high-calorie meal that would cause someone refraining from eating carbs to faint.

Back on earth as a salaryman, I would never be able to eat this much food. I greedily wolfed it down.

It was very reasonably priced at 350 rims.

Showing she would no be outdone by an adults stomach Rita had demolished her gratin and was now looking at the empty dish with a serious expression.

“Has that filled you up Rita-san?”

Rita paused a bit before answering Saul-san

“Please! Please let me join [sand of the star]!”

“….Really? You’ve seen how we operate. You don’t mind it?”

“Yes. I think that it suits me very well. ”

“I see. Let’s welcome you then! Rita from today, you are a member of [sand of the star].”

Rita’s face filled with joy.

“You’re a strange one to be so happy joining such a boring party. I look forward to working with you.”

Hearing that Tom smiled broadly.

“How about you Ippei?” Julie-san asked

“I’ll try portering for various other parties for a while.”

I think how [sand of the star] operates suits me well with my low status, however, I’m not being an adventurer to earn a living. I’m being an adventurer for the adventure.

I don’t want to live by only hunting on the 1st floor.

“Well, that was to be expected. Please give me Gobu then. I’ll treat him kindly.”


Is Julie-san not popular with human men?

It seems she likes how obedient Gobu is.

“That’s true. You should see how various parties operate Ippei-kun. You should also go to some of the lower levels.”

“That reminds me. Saul-san you’re 8th rank so you’ve been to the 3rd level haven’t you?”

“Aah. I only went there as a porter.”

I see. Even if you go as a porter the guild card still registers you as going to that floor.

With that system, rank is meaningless then. It’s basically only an indicator saying where you’ve been.

“The most important skill a porter can possess is the ability to identify parties that are likely to survive.” (TN. Here speaks true wisdom.)

I feel a bit sorry for the depressed ojisan that told me that.

Saul-san taught me a variety of things during our expedition.

He’s awesome!

I understand!

I’ll do my best and survive!

Promising in my heart I return to the hotel.


When I pick up my key from the front desk I’m informed another message from the Cherrycoke family has arrived.

If I return the same message as last time saying I’m free to meet anytime a cart will soon arrive to pick me up.

I’ll answer tomorrow so the same story doesn’t happen again.

It’s getting dark outside.

I don’t feel like doing anything tonight.



Viscountess Cherrycoke was walking down a passageway in her home.

As she passes, all the servants stop and bow.

Suddenly, feeling something was out of place she stops and turns around.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary.

I just passed my daughter and we greeted each other.

….No! Wait!

That girl……….

“Patty, what’s happened to your skin?! It’s beautiful!”

Patty blushes while explaining.

“It’s a little….. Ippei gave me a skincare set. I just used it.”

“Before, your skin was so dry and rough due to your adventuring.”

“Un. It was indeed. I put it on last night and went to bed. When I got up this morning it was like this.”

Though she was shy Patty also looked pleased.

“Is that so……..? Is there any left?”

“You, you can’t! Ippei gave it to me!”

On that day Patty rebelled against her parents which was nothing new.

“I see….. I must write a letter to Miyata-sama as well. Someone, please send a messenger to my study at once! Patty can you also ask Miyata-sama? Please.”

Patty breathed a deep sigh while seeing off her mother who was marching towards her study.

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  1. Wow, what a shameless parents of viscount and just when will ippei level up, i want look his status after his level up. Will the author still give a crap like status.

    Thanks for your great work

  2. The cliche thing didn’t happen. Normally Rita joins MC harem-like group like other isekas. Notheless hopefully her party becomes MC servants.

    Funny ending. The mother finally shows up!

    • Somehow i am disappointed that this series is not harem. (no harem tag in NU)

      Somehow it was funny that author re-used the joke about “feeling that something was out of place”.

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