016. Onkels happy morning

Our training course was about to end right where we started just left of the main gate.

“What you have learnt during this course in only part of what you need to be an adventurer. There are still many things you need to learn and remember. If you fail to learn you are only giving your corpse to the labyrinth. I hope every one of you will continue to train and become fine adventurers. Learn the basics of adventuring as a porter and then form your own party. That’s all from me. Lot-san, a final word please.”

Prompted by Clyde Lot-san opens his mouth.

“You all did well and didn’t die. Dismissed!”

I spoke to the other beginners, thanked my instructors and left for home.

We didn’t have the best of starts due to me being the oldest, however, during our training, a sense of solidarity had sprung up between us.

Will we meet again when exploring the labyrinth?

There may be opportunities to explore together. We parted ways having such a talk together.


After arriving back at the Sangaria hotel I was handed a message card.

It seems a messenger had come from viscount Cherrycoke this morning.

The sender was not Patty but the viscount himself.

It simply says he wants to meet me in person as soon as possible.

I can’t really refuse and the message said he would [see me anytime] so I wrote out my reply.

A world without smartphones is troublesome.


I returned to room 502 which I had completely made into my own room.

My door was knocked as I was having my bath. Apparently, a carriage sent from the Cherrycoke family had already arrived to pick me up.

Has an emergency happened?

I had an uneasy feeling as I got dressed. I wore my gun under my jacket just in case.

After putting on my cloak you couldn’t tell I was armed at all.

With my heart beating hard I set off for viscount Cherrycokes manor.


The viscount welcomed me as soon as I stepped into his room.

I was in his personal study this time and not the drawing room.

Patty seems to be out today.

What in the world is this all about?

After the maid had placed the tea down and left there was only the 2 of us.

“Miyata-dono there is something I wish to consult with you about.”

“Please ask without reservation viscount.”

“That medicine I bought from you the other day……”

Crap. Did he have a strange side effect?

“Was there a problem with it?”

“No no, I hear its performance was splendid. What was it….Beiappoi special? It’s not necessary for me. I gave it to my close friend Marquis Cork.”

When saying he didn’t need it the viscount threw out his chest a little in pride.

I get it. You’re energetic.

“I hear it had a wondrous effect on the marquis. He was so pleased with it he gave 4 of them to his majesty the king. (TN. This just keeps getting better.)


“His Majesty is pleased by them and has requested additional items.”

Basically, he’s saying [I have ED. Please give me more medication]. (TN. ED = erectile dysfunction)

“Miyata-dono, is there no more stock at all of your secret medicine?”

What should I do?

It would certainly be good business to have the king or other nobles as business partners.

“Viscount. I would like this talk to remain between us. I am a traveller, but I am also a pharmacist. Searching for rare and unusual drugs and medicines is the purpose of my trip. That being said it is possible to make more Beiappoi special.”

“Ooh! You can do it!”

“But, the materials are hard to collect as well as being time-consuming to refine. Last time I gave you a special price of 10,000 rims in honour of our meeting…..”

I’m going to exaggerate and raise the price.

Truthfully, the ingredients are vegetables you can buy at any morning market, a weed that grows everywhere, alcohol and herbs.

“Umu. If you prepare 15 this month I’ll pay 3 million rims. Can you do it?”

Woah! What easy profit. I’m making a killing.

Using this connection it might be possible to get my hands on a high-rank demon stone at some point.

I should sell my favour here. (TN. Basically doing something to create an obligation from the other person)

“Understood. It’s an important request from the viscount and an honour to serve his majesty. This Ippei Miyata will humbly prepare.”

“Really? You can do it? I’m saved. I was really troubled by marquis cork telling me to bring more as soon as possible.”

“Luckily I have a batch mostly completed already. I’ll bring them by tomorrow.”

I decline the viscount’s offer of a carriage back to my hotel. I walk to the market to buy the vegetables and on the way, I collect the weeds I need as well.


After quickly gathering the materials I return to my room and create some more Beiappoi special.

It only took 10 minutes and I also created the hair tonic using the red shit mushrooms.

17 specials and 25 hair tonics are done.

Am I tired from the training course? I don’t feel like doing anything now.

I ordered room service and ate a roast beef sandwich and a shrimp and avocado sandwich washed down with wine in my room.

After eating I quickly got drowsy and fell asleep.


I awoke refreshed the next day. I guess because I went to bed early.

Because I made a promise with the viscount I put on my best clothes.

Just as I was finishing packing my bag a knock came on my door informing me that my carriage had arrived.


The meal at the viscounts was luxurious. A perfect score.

I had a cappuccino along with bread fresh from the oven, fresh butter, assorted jams, bacon and poached eggs. There was also salad, fried tomatoes and sauteed mushrooms. If I wanted fruit there was grapes and even kiwi’s though no apples. Whatever fruit I wanted the maid peeled.

Unfortunately, Patty was in the labyrinth so she was not here this morning.

The viscount talks about Patty with an expression that says [I give up]

“That child does not listen to anything I say. I decided to just let her do what she wants.”

“The hardships of being a parent. I don’t have any children though. It’s a harsh truth.”

“What? Miyata-dono is a fine gentleman.”

We ate our meal this morning while paying lip service to each other.

After breakfast Onkel-san the appraiser was called over to confirm what I had brought.

Though he’s overweight and bald he has a strong looking face.

“There’s no mistakes. Everything is genuine.”

I got Onkel-sans stamp and the deal was completed.

Before leaving I got a butler to call Onkel-san for me while holding a paper bag I had prepared beforehand.

“Miyata-dono whats this?”

“It’s the thing Onkel-san wanted before. I only had 2 extra this time so consider it a present.”

“No way?!”

“There’s another one in there that has a completely different use. Can you understand the effect? Please check with appraisal how to use it.”

“This is such an expensive medicine and to me……”

“It’s good it’s good, but keep it a secret.”

I gave Onkel-san a thumbs up.

I was deeply thanked by Onkel-san and seen off with a deep bow.



Onkel-shi had a refreshing morning. (TN. Shi is a more formal honorific of san)

It had been a long time since he awoke with such a fulfilled feeling.

At his side, his wife Eve slept with her skin looking all glossy and with a smile on her face.

It seems she was satisfied by last night.

Her eyes and her kisses had been more passionate last night as well.

Onkel-shi lets out a big yawn and rubs his hand over his head out of habit *jolt*


It felt like he was touching his beard but he touched his head and not his chin.


Onkel-shi hurriedly runs over to his mirror.

No way? No way?


Short and hard hairs that were not there last night were growing on his forehead.

“Eve! Eve! My appearance!”

Joyful screaming sounded throughout the couple’s bedroom.

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    • Yep. Somehow i felt really happy for him (and his wife) that he could have a really good (sexy) time. Sure he is overweight but it’s pretty nice that he is kinda a decent person. Hehehe really happy to see the reaction of his hair growing again. ^^

      … Sigh (of happiness). It sure feels good to see decent people in high positions compared to all the corrupt ones you see everywhere.

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