015. Level up!

2nd day of the course.

Today we crossed over into the 2nd ward of the 1st floor. Our schedule for today is to explore the spring area of the 2nd ward and then return to the surface.

The spring was one of the few places in the labyrinth where fresh water was available. Even if a party had someone who can use life magic and create water they always stop there and top up their water supplies just in case that member dies.

A human can live for more than 2 weeks without food as long as they have water but less than 3 days if they have no water.

It was essential knowledge for adventures to memorise the locations of water areas.


We spent the entire time receiving lectures on how to defeat various demons and how to disarm traps. It was pretty full on.


“……..so fire attacks are effective against killer bees. Actually, the same can be said for any demon that is from the insect family due to their wings being very flammable. The mobility of those guys is severely limited if you target their wings. Even one wing will destroy their balance. The killer bee’s needle is a purchasable item so I’ll show you how to dismantle them to get it.”

The veterans skilfully dismantle them with a knife and next time the beginners had a go at dismantling them.

Because of material refining, I could dismantle them very well.

Even Clyde who doesn’t praise people very often said I was better than him.

“Well then. Do you want to take a break?” Clyde asks which causes the newbie’s faces to shine.

I got a snack out of Gobu’s backpack. Of course, some was for Meg.

The snack this time is Marron glace which I bought from the shop Mellisa-san told me about.

The sweet smell of the brandy is irresistible.


My hand lantern is a magical tool and they are pretty common.

They are sold by tool stores around the city for about 3000 rim and many households have them. Even the lowest ranked I demon stone gives around 300 hours of light and they don’t break when out of power. A new stone will have them working again. They even work when wet.

Most adventurers use these as they give off the right amount of light. Some adventures use light magic so they can keep both hands free but they are the exception rather than the norm as most adventures just put them on the floor when they have to fight.

I had placed my lantern on the wall while having a break when I noticed a small mushroom illuminated by my lantern.

It’s about 1cm long and thin like an enoki mushroom. It’s bright red and looks pretty poisonous. It grew like fine hair between the floor and the wall.

“That mushroom’s poisonous. Touching it is fine but if you eat it you get severe diarrhoea. Every year we find dead and dying adventures covered in diarrhoea after running out of food and eating it.”

Clyde told me a bad story, however, it might be a material for something so I appraised it.



[Name] Red shit mushroom

[Type] Fungi (toxic variety)

[Effect] If consumed in large quantities unstoppable diarrhoea occurs eventually leading to death through dehydration.

[Attribute] Water

[Notes] A mushroom found in the underground labyrinth. Material for hair growth products.



It’s a material for a hair growth tonic. This is sure to be popular.

I harvested the mushrooms with great haste.

Meg also helped me as a thank you for the snack so I was able to gather a good amount.

“What do you use poisonous mushrooms for Ippei-san?”

“It’s for the development of a dream medicine. It’s not a dangerous drug or anything, it’s a remedy.”

In modern Japan, hair loss is not covered by medical insurance.

“Ippei-san is very talented. I still don’t get why you want to be an adventurer.”

Even though she said that Meg was having fun picking mushrooms.

Meg looks incredibly cute picking mushrooms.

Sorry! I just had a bad image pop into my head.

Though I’m working hard men truly are foolish.


The corridor ended in a room about the size of a tennis court. In the centre of the room was a circular stone pool about 2 meters in diameter with water shooting up like a fountain.

There were 3 parties apart from us relaxing here.

“This is what we were aiming for. Levi’s spring. Everyone refill your water bottles.”

Following Clyde’s words I refilled my bottle. Actually, the water from this fountain is also part of the hair growth formula so I got Gobu to fill up some empty bottles as well.

I have to grab what I can.


We return by the same route we took to get here. There were different ways back but they brought us back this way so we could memorise the route.

We hunted demons on the way back and learnt how to disassemble them to get various parts.

My share of the kills were 2 goblins, a killer bee and a fruit bat (TN. It’s not another 2 goblins. He’s counting the ones from before so only the bee and the bat are new.)

I got a demon stone from the fruit bat.

Hmm, I wonder how many experience points I’ve got now?

Let’s check


Status open:

[Name] Miyata Ippei

[Age] 27

[Occupation] Unemployed

[Lv] 1

[Status] Body strengthening potion x10 (00:54:28)

[HP] 80/80

[MP] 998148/999999

[Attack] 30 (+211) Handgun

[Defence] 50 (+28) Light leather armour, Leather hat, Leather cloak

[Physical strength] 40

[Intellect] 1480

[Agility] 50 (-4)

[Magic] Life Magic Lv.max, Recovery magic Lv.max

[Skills] Cooking Lv.max, Material refining Lv.max, Medicine refining Lv.max, Blacksmithing Lv.max , Appraisal Lv.max, Golem creation Lv.max, Tool creation Lv.max, Shooting lv.6 (Hit correction +6%), Con artist Lv.2

[Experience to next level] 4/100000





…….Is levelling up impossible or do I simply need to defeat stronger enemies?

At this rate, I’ve got to kill 99,996 more demons to level up.

…….Let’s give up on getting a level up from the lst floor.

As we get near to the exit Jean starts shaking his guild card [Level up!]

I cried.

Before long everyone else’s level went up as well including Meg.

I kill another demon, a jumbo hopper but naturally I don’t level up.

At this time someone pulled on my sleeve


Gobu….you to?


[Name] Gobu 1

[Age] 0

[Lv] 5

[HP] 167/167

[MP] 0/0

[Attack] 49 (+128) Rapid-fire crossbow

[Defence] 145 (+65) Iron mail, Helmet

[Physical strength] 322 (-5)

[Intellect] 18

[Agility] 38 (-10)

[Skills] Torch Lv.2 – Eyes light up and illuminate the surrounding area.

[Notes] semi-autonomous type golem. 3MP a minute is required for action. MP may be charged up to 180. It will lose the ability to function if separated from its master for more than an hour. If within a 3-meter radius of its master it can charge up its MP.

[Experience to next level] 14/800

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