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013. First battle

Because we made this room safe by defeating the slimes we decided to rest here.

“These small rooms are very useful for taking breaks in the labyrinth. If you block the door you are safe from surprise attacks by demons. If you wrap this red cloth around the outside doorknob other parties will know it’s in use. When you come into the labyrinth yourselves bring such a cloth. They sell it for a 100 rims at the shop by the main gate.”

It’s Clyde who’s been talking exclusively all this time.

Lot-san seldom speaks and Bonnie-san hasn’t spoken at all.

“We’ll have a 20-minute break. Make sure you stay hydrated and you can have a snack if you want.”

Yay. Snack ban has been lifted.

Everybody is happily getting out their snacks.

Nut’s, biscuits and dried fruits seem to be common.

I drink a body strengthening potion before having my snack.

Crap. The break will be over before I know it.

Meg is a little way away from the others wiping her face with a towel.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah, Ippei-san. When I defeated the slime earlier bits of it went flying everywhere.”

Come to think of it she put a lot of power into that blow.

Minced slime was scattered everywhere.

I used life magic to clean Meg’s face and clothes.

“Uwa! That’s amazing Ippei-san. Thank you.”

“It’s no big deal. Let’s have a snack.”

“Ah. I’m still okay…..”

Meg’s usual cheerful expression has clouded over.

That expression doesn’t say diet either.

She probably hasn’t brought any snacks.

I put one of the cookies I had brought on Meg’s knee. It was like a meddlesome aunt forcing candy on someone.

“Eat up. We don’t know when we can next eat.”

“Th, thank you.”

Her eyes filled with tears [It’s delicious]. What a smile. I could fall in love.

Hey, wipe your tears.

Tears continue to fall. Actually, I could also fall in love with this.

Ah, She’s wiped it with her sleeve.

Goodbye my love.


“I’ve never eaten such a delicious cookie.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“Because I can’t normally eat sweet things I was unusually moved.”

Sugar is expensive in this world.

I’m guessing Meg isn’t well off.

“Eat lots and replenish your energy.”

“Yes! I’m full of energy from this. Whenever we have to fight I’ll be fine!”

“That attack from before was amazing.”

“Ehehe. I’m proud of my strength. I registered as an adventurer so I can earn lots and let my family live comfortably.”


As I thought. She’s a good girl.

I have more cookies.

I spent the whole break talking with Meg.

Jean was nibbling on some dried fruit like a monkey but he’s not worth worrying about.


Afterwards, Lot-san cut a giant grasshopper monster in half with one slash of his sword and Bonnie and Clyde exterminated a group of kobolds as we moved on.


“Make a party of 3 people.” Lot-san said out of nowhere.

Everyone is confused but Lot-sans words are absolute in the labyrinth.

Impromptu parties are formed immediately.

And I’m alone.

7 people are on this course.

“Ok. Clyde……”

Lot-san seems to make Clyde explain it.

“From here on Goblins appear frequently. We’ve split you up like this so you can experience real battles as a party. The slimes from before were basically just tests of courage. From here on its a real fight.”

I see.

I get it, but I’m by myself.

“Every party must decide on a leader and form a strategy. We leave in 5 minutes.”

I raise my hand

“What’s wrong Ippei?”

“I’m by myself. What should I do?”

Unusually, Lot-san answered me.

“Because you have a golem, do it alone.”

Am I being bullied?

Why am I the only one alone?

I desperately want to cry.

My trembling feet can’t be cured with recovery magic since it’s not an illness or injury.

“I’ll support you. Keep a level head.”

I heard an unfamiliar female voice, it was Bonnie-san.

This is the first time she’s spoken.

She has a scary face but her voice is surprisingly gentle.

It’s strange how my feelings can calm down with some casual words from a surprising source.

Sooner or later battle will come.

I should experience it now while I have the support of a veteran.

I strengthened my resolve.


The instructors leave behind 2 goblins which one of the parties inherit. The battle has begun.

The first party had a warrior with a one-handed sword and shield and a warrior who used a spear as the vanguard and a magician to the rear. It was a well-balanced party.

While the vanguard suppresses the goblins the magician begins chanting.

It was a pretty standard tactic of buying time for the magician to attack but it worked and they won.

The spear user received a shallow cut to his left arm so we received an impromptu lecture on first aid.

I learnt how to stop bleeding and how to bandage properly.

Of course, I didn’t say something thoughtless like I could use recovery magic.

The next party were all front line fighters. It was composed of Jean, Meg and a girl who uses a sword.

Their tactic was for the pair of sword users to suppress their opponents while Meg delivered the killing blow.

The enemy was defeated in almost no time.


The forehead of one of the goblins suddenly swells up and a demon stone emerges before falling to the floor with a clang.

“Congratulations. A demon stone appeared. Demon stones come out naturally like this. Take care when collecting them and remain alert. Any demon stones collected on this course will be sold and shared equally when we leave.”

All the newbies faces lit up when they heard this.

The stone that came out is the lowest I rank. It’s worth about 400 rims.

“Next is Ippei. Please prepare.”

“Yes. Gobu, get ready for battle.”


I gave Gobu my knife as well.

“Listen up Gobu. When the enemy enter range unleash a volley on them then enter melee range and use your knife on them.”


It seems like he understood it.

I flick the safety switch on my handguns as well. I’ll use 2 guns this time, that gives me 32 bullets in total. If I end up in melee I’m done for. If I have to I’ll use all my bullets and run away shamelessly.

Life comes first after all. If I can escape I will.


Goblins come around the corner of a wide corridor.

It seems Bonnie has taken the rest out and only 2 remain. Though the others were fighting 3 on 2 it seems me and Gobu must fight 2 on 2.

Why is it only me with the strict conditions?

I drop to one knee and adopt a shooting stance


I heard Lot-sans quiet voice.

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