009. Activate! Gobu 1!

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On my way back from the guild I stopped by a shop that sold demon stones.

Demon stones are indispensable items. Golems need them and any weapons or armour I make will find them useful too.

I rank demon stones which are the lowest cost about 1000 rims, H rank cost 1500 rims and G rank which is the highest you can buy cost about 3000 rims.

A-F rank demon stones are forbidden from being sold to private individuals. (TN: Author didn’t mention S rank for some reason.)

As Patty mentioned earlier you cannot even bring them out of the labyrinth.

I went to the shelf where the best quality G ranks were placed. Making full use of appraisal I purchased 15 particularly good stones.

The price was 46200 rims. That was 4 gold, 6 silver and 2 copper coins.


I got back to the hotel and immediately began work on the golem.

I didn’t need Patty to tell me that my life would be in danger if I went adventuring directly to the 1st floor unprepared.

Even if I healed others from the rear an attack could still get me.

But what about a porter?

Porters should retreat to the back with the baggage as soon as fighting starts.

With my paper defence, I feel that is probably the best option.

I will learn the basics of adventuring while working as a porter for the time being.


I need to decide what type of golem to make first.

A golem that protects me would be good.

Carrying heavy baggage would be tough so if it can do that it would be good.

Initially, I thought about a golem I could ride like a horse but the demon stones were not good enough to make a large golem. My own weight would be too much for it.

Since I have no choice I will make a compact, bipedal humanoid golem and see how it goes.

At least a humanoid golem is versatile when it comes to weapons and armour. Another advantage is they are easy to use.


With the highest quality demon stone which came from a goblin leader acting as the core, I combined 10 demon stones together.

Next was the material. I considered metal at first but due to the low ability of the stones, it would weigh too much. Even if I shrank it, it would still be too heavy.

It would have high defence but zero movement.

Giving up on metal I decided to use wood. I’ll have to procure raw materials from the forest on the outskirts.

………..What a pain. It’s quite the distance.

Should I use a carriage?

At such times luxury hotels like this are useful.

I decided to have the concierge order a carriage for me.


The concierge was a beautiful woman named Melissa-san. She has blonde hair and porcelain white skin. Her almond eyes give off the impression that she’s a can-do woman and a mole under her right eye gives her a bit of sex appeal.

“I’d like to go to the forest on the outskirts of town. Can you order me a carriage please.”

“Certainly Miyata-sama. What kind of carriage do you want?”

There’s different types of carriages?

Though if you think about it cars have different types such as sedans, SUV’s etc.

“I feel like taking a walk in the forest so there will only be me.”

“In that case then a Brougham or a carryall I think. Today is a nice day with no wind though so a carryall may be better.”

“Then I’d like a carryall please.”

I roughly knew what a Brougham was. A carriage with a roof and windows. The Cherrycoke family carriage was one.

A carryall has no roof or windows. It’s the type of thing foreign royalty uses during parades and so on.

I negotiated with the driver when he arrived and we agreed on 4000 rims for a round trip to the forest.


Like Melissa-san had said the weather was nice and the carryall was comfortable too.

“Honoured customer, which side of the forest do you want to go to?”

“Let’s see……. please go to the entrance of the forest for now.”


I knock on the carriage

“What wood is this carriage made from?”

When he heard he replied in high spirits

“Dear customer you have a good eye for quality! This fellow is made from the highest grade wood of the Moja tree. It’s strong and doesn’t rot easily. Even it’s appearance is the best. It’s used in ocean-going vessels as well.”

“Ohh. Does the Moja tree grow around here?”

“It does though it’s few in number.”

Un. Let’s make the first golem out of Moja wood.


I had the carriage wait and entered the forest.

I put appraisal in passive mode and went looking for a Moja tree.

After walking for 30 minutes I found one.

I dry the wood with material refining as usual and process it. I keep all the materials.

It’s finally time to assemble the golem with the demon stone core.

Magic power is released from my hand and envelops the materials causing them to shine.

The materials start to slowly float and move towards each other while still emitting the bright light that was now close to blinding.

As the glow gradually faded a humanoid golem appeared.

It looks like a mannequin with a lustrous grain to the wood. It gives off a slightly macho feeling and is about 155cm high.

The figure of a slender dwarf comes to mind.



[Name] Gobu 1

[Age] 0

[Lv] 1

[HP] 162/162

[MP] 0/0

[Attack] 47

[Defence] 142

[Physical strength] 142

[Intellect] 12

[Agility] 37

[Skills] Torch Lv.1 – Eyes light up and illuminate the surrounding area.

[Notes] semi-autonomous type golem. 3MP a minute is required for action. MP may be charged up to 180. It will lose the ability to function if separated from its master for more than an hour. If within a 3-meter radius of its master it can charge up its MP.

[Experience to next level] 0/300


Because it’s core is from a goblin leader its name is Gobu 1.

Due to the fact I added 10 demon stones to the core, its physical strength is high.

With this, it can wear heavy equipment and carry heavy baggage.

It’s a bit sad that its combat power is better than mine though if I think of it as a bodyguard it’s not so bad.

It requires 180 MP and hour to operate but to me who has loads of magic power it’s nothing. After an hour it stops and goes into a dormant state so I’ll have to be careful.

“Activate Gobu 1!”

Gobu 1 begins to move with my voice.

“There, there. You seem to move with no problem. Come with me Gobu 1.”

The ojisan coachman was surprised when I returned with Gobu 1.

On the way back to the hotel I bought clothes and materials.

I bought a large amount of materials but Gobu 1 carried it all.

He’s a cute little chap.

This should be enough to work as a porter.


When we got back I taught Gobu 1 how to fold clothes. With just that it gained a level.

If I’m honest I’m jealous. My status is [Exp to next level] 0/100000.

When will I level up………………?

Gobu 1’s intellect went up by one as well from 12 to 13.

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