008: From today I

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The viscount’s carriage took me to the hotel Sangarila. Crap. It looks pretty high class.

A doorman runs over and opens the door to the carriage. I’m not used to this. It’s made me really nervous.

“Welcome. Thank you for coming to the Sangarila hotel.” the doorman says with a smile while picking my bag up.

Is that okay?

Can I trust him?

He won’t steal it will he?

It’s safe, right?

While I was trembling with anxiety the coachman called out.

“This is a visitor of viscount Cherrycoke. Please be on your best behaviour.”

Unpleasant, I don’t need that kind of thing.

Please stop putting pressure on me.

I can’t chicken out now as they have my luggage.

I was guided to the front desk.

“We’ve been waiting for you Miyata-sama. Patricia Cherrycoke-sama informed us you would be coming. Thank you for using us today.”

I wondered who Patrica was but immediately realised it was Patty’s proper name.

“We’ve already prepared a superior room for you but could you tell us how many nights you will be stopping?”

Patty seems to have decided on the grade of the room already. Please consult with me first.

“How much per night is it?”

“Superior rooms are 50,000 rims per night.”

50,000 rims………

The time I can afford.

After selling the goods I made practising my skills I have 3.65 million rims.

I can stay for 70 days.

1 gold coin is 10,000 rims.

White gold coins are 1 million rims.

I asked Patty right before I departed.

I seemed to have made a considerable profit.

It will take some time to get used to Nepia.

I pay 150,000 rims (15 gold coins) for 3 nights stay. I also exchanged 2 gold coins.


The room was perfect.

It’s a 50m² room with a large bed, sofa, table and chairs and a spacious bath made from marble.

I decide to take a bath straight away.

The hot water appears to be coming from a water heater powered by a demon stone.

It felt so good to have a bath after days without having one.

I kept myself clean with life magic but the feeling is different.

Feeling immediately refreshed I went to bed and slept like mud.


I was woken up by the sound of knocking in the morning.

I open the door to find Patty standing there wearing her familiar armour and not plain clothes.

“Were you still sleeping? Hurry up and get ready.”

Finally. Today is the day I register at the guild.

I had Patty wait while I equipped my leather armour, small shield, leather hat and leather cloak. I had made them all myself.

My only weapon is a knife.

Because my leather armour is not dirty and used it just screams novice.

I make sure the body strengthening potion is in the pouch on my lower back and depart.

“Sorry Patty. Even getting you to guide me to the guild.”

“It’s a bit late for that but I’m here now anyway. From this point onward though it’s up to Ippei.”

“I know. Someday I’ll be strong enough to go on a quest with Patty.”

“Hmm……… Truth be told I don’t want Ippei going into the labyrinth. Even the first floor is extremely dangerous with your current status.”

“Please don’t emphasise it that much. I’m painfully aware of it already.”

Patty turns away as I get angry.

I seem to be worrying her.

“Thank you Patty.”

“What. *hmph*”

Because she turned away I could not see the type of face she was making.


The adventures guild is an impressive 5 story building made from stone.

Although its called a guild its actually managed by the kingdom. It’s a government agency and not an association like the blacksmiths guild or the merchants guild.

“Well then, do your best Ippei.”

“You’ve really helped me Patty. Please be careful.”

It seems that Patty’s going to the 3rd floor with some friends now.

Naturally, I can’t go with them.

I separated from Patty and moved into a corner before taking the potion and confirming my status.


Status open:

[Name] Miyata Ippei

[Age] 27

[Occupation] Unemployed

[Lv] 1

[Current status] x10 body strengthening (time remaining 01:59:55)

[HP] 80/80

[MP] 999997/999999

[Attack] 30 (+47) parenthesis is the ability of the weapon

[Defence] 50 (+35) parenthesis is the ability of the defensive gear

[Physical strength] 40

[Intellect] 1480

[Agility] 50 (-5)

[Magic] Life Magic Lv.max, Recovery magic Lv.max

[Skills] Cooking Lv.max, Material refining Lv.max, Medicine refining Lv.max, Blacksmithing Lv.max , Appraisal Lv.max, Golem creation Lv.max, Tool creation Lv.max, Shooting lv.0 (Hit correction +0%), Con artist Lv.2

[Experience to next level] 0/100000


Alright. The potion worked, however, a new skill called con artist appeared. Is it because of the story I told at Patty’s house yesterday?


Unexpectedly, there were few people in the guild. Probably because most business is done at the entrance to the labyrinth few adventures need to come to the guild hall.

Requests for demon subjugation out in the field and not in the labyrinth are also posted at the entrance to the labyrinth too.

According to a male staff member at the reception desk, I need to fill out the necessary paperwork.

It was completely different characters from back on earth but I could still understand it and write it.

“Now then, we will check your status so please place your right hand on this crystal.”

At last, it finally came.

I steeled myself and grasped the crystal.

A firm chilly feeling was transmitted to my palm.

A line extended from the crystal to a slate tablet.


Measurement results:

[HP] 80/80

[MP] 999999/999999

[Attack] 30 (+47)

[Defence] 50 (+35)

[Physical strength] 40

[Intellect] 1480

[Agility] 50 (-5)


The staff member is at a loss for words when he sees the numbers.

I wonder why?

Is it my high MP?

The lowness of all my other stats?

There’s no indication of my skills or magic. That’s good. It could have gotten even more complicated.

“That’s fine. You are over the minimum threshold. Please wait a minute why we finish your guild card.”

Ah. He totally ignored it. (TN: Lol. Guild chap doesn’t get paid enough for that crap.)

Un. As expected of a government official.

After that, I was asked if I wanted to take part in a beginners workshop being held in 3 days time.

To increase the survival rate of new adventurers the guild holds a tour and training course.

You will be the porter of an active adventurer and spend 1 night 2 days exploring and learning the basics of adventuring for a fee of 3000 rims.

Naturally, since I was completely clueless I signed up.

I paid 5000 rims to cover my registration and training course. With that, I was finally registered.

“Oh yeah. On the training course can you bring a golem along?”

“A golem? About that. Cases like that are rare…….. Generally speaking, nobody brings one along.”

“So there’s no rule saying you can’t bring one?”

“Right……. I’m not aware of any such rule……….”

It’s a bit of a vague answer.

“Because I’m a golem user I wanted to use one during my training course.”

“Right………….. Please ask your instructor on the day if you can use one.”

Ah. He passed the book.

As expected of a government official. He fulfilled his role right to the end.


I grasp my guild card in my hand.

10th rank adventurer Ippei Miyata.

Un. It’s a good feeling.

I became an adventure at last.

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