Onkel’s Desire

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Last time on Ultimate Porter – Ippei and co arrive at the town of Nepia. Stopping at Patty’s home Ippei bumps into Patty’s parent who had returned from the capital.

The gazes from the room are painful.

I’m currently in viscount Cherrycoke’s drawing room

“So, Patty who’s this? Can you introduce us.”

Patty is flustered by the viscount’s words

“This is Ippei. We got acquainted during a trip. He’s……….my friend.”

Everyone’s eye’s open in surprise.

As I thought, it’s weird to have a commoner as a friend. Without changing expression the viscount calls out to me.

“Ippei-kun? You look like the people from the east beyond Kurinesku.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you viscount-sama. I am Ippei Miyata. As you guessed I am a traveller from the east.”

I’ll go with that since explaining I’m from another world would be troublesome.

“I have not heard of the Miyata family. Is it a noble family?”

“I’m from a samurai family.”

Apparently, my ancestors were samurais so it’s not like I’m lying.

“Is that so? Do you come to Nepia often?”

He seems to believe me so far

Everyone else in the room is looking doubtful so the viscount explains

“The samurai families from the east control the samurai which are like the knights of our country.”

Un. I think that’s pretty accurate. Not that I know much about it though.

Because I’m nodding my agreement everyone seems convinced.

Patty has a relieved look on her face.

I don’t want to be discriminated against because of my social class but with the common sense of this world, I cannot say anything.

I read the air and remained quiet. It’s like the proverb says when entering a village follow the village (TN: When in Rome do as the Roman’s do.)

“Are you not a samurai yourself?”

A person who seems to be Patty’s older brother questions me

“Because I’m the second son I won’t take over the family so I’m travelling abroad to study.”

Half truth and half lie.

The viscount seems convinced.

“So what business do you have with this family today ?”

[Because I’m broke I”m stopping here] I can’t say that.

I’ll just have to bluff it and say I came here to trade.

As I opened my mouth Patty quickly squeezed my hand but I carried on

“It’s a shameful story but my travelling expenses have almost run out. I haven’t got enough for even a months worth of luxuries. My allowance from home is late but should be here soon. Also, it’s hard to get used to inferior lodgings and food so I approached Patty and to see if she would buy secret medicine and a knife from the east.”

I tried to act upper class but did it work?

“Ho hou. Articles from the east? I would certainly like to see them as well.”


Of course, it could just be that the viscount is being polite, however, he will definitely bite when he see’s the goods.

The goods are high quality with the Ippei mark.

They are sure to sell.

I want to sell it!

I arranged the things I’d made while we were travelling on the desk

First is a knife with a deer antler handle. You can tell it is no ordinary knife just by looking at it. Apart from the artistic deer antler handle it also has the holy attribute added to the blade.

By the way, I stopped by a church in Nepia and used the water I borrowed to add the attribute.

It’s a secret that I sat down in the church and did it.

The eye’s of the viscount who picked up the knife opened wide

“Somebody, call Onkel! Miyata-dono may I show you items to my appraiser? That way we can agree on a fair price if there is something we like.”

“Of course. I don’t mind.”

I am confident in my items.

You should definitely have the quality understood correctly.

After a while, the bald-headed appraiser called Onkel appeared.

His head is shining with sweat probably due to being overweight.

His face sported some wonderfully thick and dark eyebrows.



[Name] Onkel

[Age] 52

[Occupation] Appraiser

[Lv] 8

[HP] 39/39

[MP] 162/163

[Attack] 39

[Defence] 42

[Psychical strength] 36

[Intellect] 152

[Agility] 36


[Skills] Appraisal Lv.12


Why’s this old man got more agility than me?

After the viscount explained the circumstances Onkel began appraising straight away.

“Th, This knife has the holy attribute! Goods like this rarely appear on the market. Occasionally they make their way to auction. The workmanship and artistry are of high quality too. This sharpness is perfect as well. Without a doubt, this is an excellent item.”

I hadn’t realised that weapons with the holy attribute were so rare.

It’s hard to believe that the water I used without permission was so effective.

“Whats with this potion!!”

It’s a normal lower grade potion.

“Impossible! This one will recover 500 HP!!”


Everyone in the room gets excited

“Miyata-dono whats with this?”

With this atmosphere I can’t explain that I made it with a herb I found by the roadside.

“It’s a secret medicine created by my mother called [anti-soul gold liquid]. I thought it was overkill but my mother prepared it with much effort so I brought it.”

I must admit even I was impressed with the smooth lines I was saying.

“Can you really sell all 5 of these?”

“I don’t mind. I still have several more.”

This kind of conversation continued and finally, Onkel came to my hot item

Fufufu. This reaction should be worth watching.

Onkel stops moving after picking up the potion.

“What’s wrong Onkel? Explain the potion quickly.”


Onkel-san looks around the room and falters.

“Forgive my rudeness……”

Onkel approaches the viscount and whispers into his ear.

“Is that true!”

The viscount looked to me so I strongly nodded.

“Miyata-dono would you be willing to sell all 6 of these potions?”

“Yes. I don’t need them.”

“I see…….”


In the end, all the potions and the knife were bought.

I got 3 white gold coins and 56 gold coins. Not that I know the value well though.

I was treated to dinner and afterwards I left the mansion.

The dish with the bird called Shigi was delicious and it went really well with the red wine they served.

Because of my cooking skill I understood the recipe so I think I’ll have a go at making it myself at some point.

Patty understanding the situation arranged for a carriage to take me to the hotel.

Yesterday I was camping but today I feel like a celebrity.

I wonder how much the hotel will cost?

Because Patty knows how much money I have it should mean I won’t run out.

When I next get the chance I’ll write a thank you letter.


On my way out Onkel called out to me.

“Is there no more of that medicine?” He asked with a very serious face.

It felt like if he could, he would be crying blood.

I just replied I’d make some if I found the materials.



[Name] Beiappoi Special

[Type] Erection maintainer

[Effect] Please guess from type

[Attribute] Sex attribute

[Notes] 7-hour duration

[Side effects] Slight dizziness and headache. Please refrain from taking if you have a heart condition.


Holy knife: 3 white gold coins.

Recovery potion (small) x 5: 50 gold coins

Beiappoi Special x 6: 6 gold coins

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