Silver peak grass by the quiet lake shore

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~Summary of the previous chapter~ Ippei and co head towards Estella lake in search of silver peak grass.

Estella lake is a freshwater lake covering an area of around 16km.

The city of Nepia is roughly 30km away and due to the fact that monsters rarely appear here, it is a popular place for wealthy people such as the aristocracy to ride here on horses.

Silver peak grass blooms on the crystal clear waters shore which is famous for swimming.

“Oh, It’s a good place.”

“Indeed. I haven’t been in a while but the water is still beautiful.”

The autumn-tinted leaves of red and yellow are reflected on the surface of the lake creating a beautiful scene. Also known as Kinshu. (TN: Kinshu means autumn with beautiful leaves or autumn where the foliage is as beautiful as brocade.)

“By the way what does silver peak grass look like?”

“What?………It has a stem that swishes and a flower like this bonbonbon.”



“Patty……….Your literary talent is zero.”

“Are you stupid?! Both your attack and defence are zero! I’ll hit you!”

“Stop it! I’ll seriously die!”

I still have no idea what the silver peak grass looks like. It’s an early summer flower so it might already be too late. Thanks to that it will be hard to find.

I was finally able to find some after putting my appraisal skill into passive mode. It took me 30 minutes to find 1 plant.

The flower itself was not needed so I just took the leaves and stem.

“It’s hard to find.”

“Yeah. You don’t see it much as normal people don’t take it. I’ve never heard of it being a material for something.”

Is the recipe for the body strengthening potion using silver peak grass not known?

“I’ve never even seen a collection request for it at the guild.”

“Then keep it a secret because there’s not much of it and excessive collecting would be bad.”

After walking around the lake for an hour a brook pouring into the lake appeared.

I’ll get some water and take a break.

I set some dead twigs on fire with life magic, boiled some water and brewed a herb tea made from mint and lemon balm I picked up while looking for silver peak grass.

“You’re really diligent. When did you pick those herbs up?”

“I just  took the opportunity due to the silver peak grass being hard to find.”

“I feel like I want to make you my wife.”



“That sounds good.”

“Idiot. I was joking!”

Patty’s tanned skin dyed red with anger.

I’d better not push it anymore. I’ll seriously die if I’m hit.

“Can you make your potion since you’ve only found one silver peak grass?”

“Aah. I can make 5 batches with this.”

“Well then, are you going to try and make some?”

“Indeed. Have a little rest while I try and make some. Here’s another tea and I made some roasted chestnuts to go with the tea as well.”

“Yes….I don’t mind”

After waiting for Patty I start refining. I’m a little nervous.

I dry the silver peak grass with material refining and turn it into a powder.  After combining it with other ingredients using medicine refining it’s done.

I put the finished potion into a small glass vial I made in advance.

It’s scary so let’s appraise it before drinking it.



[Name] Body strengthening potion (x10)

[Type] Support potion

[Effect] Each parameter is x10

[Attribute] None

[Notes] Effect expires in 2 hours. The maximum value is 1000. There is no further increase.

[Side effects] None in particular.


It seems successful. I’m really happy there are no side effects.

Should I drink it now?

It tastes like stomach medicine. The kind of medicine you drink after a new years eve party.


Status open:

[Name] Miyata Ippei

[Age] 27

[Occupation] Unemployed

[Lv] 1

[Current status] x10 body strengthening (time remaining 01:59:47)

[HP] 80/80

[MP] 999862/999999

[Attack] 30 (+128) parenthesis is the ability of the weapon

[Defence] 50 (+7) parenthesis is the ability of the defensive gear

[Physical strength] 40

[Intellect] 1480

[Agility] 50 (-1)

[Magic] Life magic Lv.max, Recovery magic Lv.max

[Skills] Cooking Lv.max, Material refining Lv.max, Medicine refining Lv.max, Blacksmithing Lv.max , Appraisal Lv.max, Golem creation Lv.max, Tool creation Lv.max, Shooting lv.0 (Hit correction +0%)

[Experience to next level] 0/100000


Yes!  Success. I can finally get to the start line.

“How’d it go Ippei?”

I try moving my body.

I’m filled with power. My body moves as I wish it.

What is this? It’s fun.

“It’s a success”

“You did it!”

Patty slams herself into me giving me a fierce hug. Because I’m wearing armour it hurts a lot.

“Hur, It hurts”

“Aah, sorry sorry. But with this, you can register as an adventurer now”

“Aah. It’s necessary to collect some more silver peak grass first though.”

“I know that. Let’s go!”

Patty is really pleased for me. Her smile is foul play.

However, I suffered some damage from that hug. [HP] 78/80.

If I was not strengthened I could have died.

Well, I’m okay though.

Walking behind Patty who was humming happily I stealthily used recovery magic on myself.


We are currently walking towards the city of Nepia after collecting 48 silver peak grass.

“What is this! What is this! What is thiiiiiiis!! amazing! It’s too amazing!!”

Patty has been running wild in front of me since a little while ago.

With the short sword in one hand, she’s been cutting branches and tree trunks.


Ah, a rock was cut this time.

A huge rock is cut cleanly in two.

She’s been like this since she asked me if she could drink the body strengthening potion (x10)

It seems like this will continue for a while.

“I’m TUEEEEEEEEEE!!” (TN: apparently this means I’m strong as f***. Thanks, GM_Rusaku)

“I get it, I get it. Hey, that’s dangerous! Be careful! Rocks are flying! I’ll die!!”



[Name] Patty Cherrycoke

[Age] 22

[Occupation] Warrior

[Lv] 13

[Current status] x10 body strengthening (time remaining 01:27:18)

[HP] 1000/1000

[MP] 260/420

[Attack] 1000 (+127)

[Defence] 1000 (+39)

[Physical strength] 1000

[Intellect] 970

[Agility] 860

[Skills] Body strengthening Lv.3, Slash Lv.4, Camping Lv.2, Slashwave Lv.1

Authors note:

Next time on Ultimate porter.

Ippei and co arrive at Nepia and head towards Patty’s parents home. [Let’s go by A train]

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